Secreto entre mujeres

Secreto entre mujeres


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Jonathan B (jp) wrote: Steve Coogan's best known comic creation gets a big screen outing in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. This really does work well and plays up on the cringe-worthy pomposity of the character. The premise is that the Norfolk based DJ's radio station has been taken over by a media organisation looking to make changes. Partridge finds himself acting as a go-between when a disgruntled employee holds his new managers hostage. The laughs are only equalled by the cringes as the siege unfolds and Alan realises that he can use the situation to further his fading career. You can spot the hand of the brilliant Armando Iannucci among the team of writers that made this movie. His characteristically wry observation of the awkwardness of social interactions is central to the humour and is very effective. My feeling is that this movie is going to be quite niche and if you don't like Coogan's comic creation, simply don't bother. For those of us who do, this movie successfully takes a character that has been around for over 20 years now, and shows us that he is still as funny as ever he was.

Lena R (it) wrote: Sideways is easily recognizable as Alexander Payne movie. Slow paced, oscillating between funny and truly sad scenes. The dialogs are rambling (unless you are a wine snob yourself) and the male characters are such a mess, I didn't have much sympathy for them. On the bright side, the scenery and the atmosphere of the California wineries is familiar and realistic.

Isa A (gb) wrote: Awesome B-rated Horror movie. The wire scene still creeps me out.

Gustavo T (ru) wrote: Juliette Binoche and classical music and intriguing (blue) cinematography are what stand out the most for me. Grief and emotional liberty? Not so much.

Shakira M (us) wrote: An all time BEST ROMANCE movie - Will always be one of my favorite for life.

Brian P (ru) wrote: pretty bad, although not bad enough to reiceve only half a star.

Li Z (mx) wrote: In the 60's and 70's so many great minds, such as Foucault, or Deleuze, assembled in Paris. No wonder even the prostitutes in the film were philosophers.Godard isn't a good director for me, but a great theoretician.

Jaime G (gb) wrote: Machete. Do not mess with! Hahaha! Great stuff.

Charles T (it) wrote: Damn, unpredictable and wild as hell. The best cult related movie I've ever seen.