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Bharathwaj S (it) wrote: The kinda sattire on display is the first of its kind from Kollywood

Walter M (nl) wrote: "I Melt with You" is an insufferable, derivative and dreary mess of a nihilistic movie whose cliched idea of a mid-life crisis involves a Porsche or two. If I got a kick out of self-loathing on this scale, I would watch "Mad Men." On the plus side, this all makes me feel positively well-adjusted. The movie's sole insight is the fact that as people grow older, they cannot handle alcohol and drugs like they once were able to. If only the barely developed characters in this movie thought about this before... ...Richard(Thomas Jane), Ron(Jeremy Piven), Jonathan(Rob Lowe) and Tim(Christian McKay) get together for their annual reunion, this time in Big Sur, California. While they enjoy hanging out together, their lives are otherwise a mess. Ron has the SEC up his ass. Jonathan is dissatisfied with his role as a pill pusher.(If that's how he feels, then he can volunteer at a free clinic or write a hefty check to Doctors without Borders to salve his conscience.) By the movie's own murky logic, worst off is Richard who is a high school teacher. Tim's problem is much harder to get at, only being referenced about halfway through and may somehow involve Sasha Grey. That's also the point at which any sign of a plot kicks in which involves the guys' overreaction to a promise made 25 years before, instead of being ashamed of having written such a bad piece of poetry.

Countess N (nl) wrote: 11 March 2011 Really sucky cannibal film,quite funny in and cheesy but watchable for all the wrong reasons lol.

Scott W (gb) wrote: pretty decent/good movie

Fiona B (au) wrote: Excellent performance by Robin but for a generation who grew up with him as a loving father figure it is quite difficult watching him in a role like this.

Nathan E (kr) wrote: One of the best movies ever made

Khalila F (de) wrote: Enjoyable movie that takes asian stereotypes and sets them straight. As the audience we are able to empathise with each character thoroughly with clear understanding of people that go through these situations on a daily basis. The story is set over a period of one day but managed to keep my attention. Well done

Federico F (gb) wrote: Pros and cons of Balaguer in a utopian Spanish horror

Eric B (au) wrote: Adequately directed and starring Preminger and Mitchum, respectively. Although critics LOVE to talk about how brilliant it is (in part, I suppose, do to its relative obscuritey) it's in fact s fairly minor, routine and somewhat inconsequential Cain-knock off. Enjoyable for what it is but hardly the masterpiece film schoolies would have you believe.

Pamela R (gb) wrote: Good film if only for the fact that it keeps you entertained to the end and doesn't shy away from the realities of battle.

Edward S (jp) wrote: This was horrible. It even does damage to the religious cause it seems to have as an agenda it is so bad.

Munaah K (kr) wrote: Tony Curtis is all wrong for the role of Andrei .. but who cares .. there is YUL Brynner in the movie .. and that makes up for all the flaws :)

Sonia S (mx) wrote: Inaccurate and full of falsehoods about a man that was a monster not a hero.

Dan H (fr) wrote: Overlooked and buried for 40 years until recently being remastered, this is a spellbinding look at one man's descent into insanity when he becomes stranded in an Australian mining town in the middle of nowhere. Disturbing and brilliant.