Secrets In Suburbia

Secrets In Suburbia

After discovering that her three best friends and her husband are plotting to murder her and steal her family fortune, Gloria, an otherwise kind-hearted housewife and mother of two, unfolds and exacts a deadly revenge on all who betrayed her.

After discovering that her three best friends and her husband are plotting to murder her and steal her family fortune, an otherwise kind-hearted housewife (Brianna Brown) exacts a deadly plan of revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (br) wrote: The mothers' adventure on the night of Mother's Day.I was not interested in this till I saw 'Bad Moms'. A very similar film, but it came first. The Erwin brothers directed it, the ones who made 'October Baby' which I loved it. This film was a slow starter, but once took off, it became non-stop. The entire first act has been just a build up, like how moms are suffering. After that, everything seems so adventurous. It's a one night tale and the plot was developed with a series of confusions. Silly and so random events, but mindlessly enjoyable.It all begins when three moms were introduced like how they're struggling to maintain the family, particularly the children. During the Mother's day, they decide to take off the night and have a relaxed dinner. But nothing goes according to their plan, and so their adventure begins when their car got stolen, followed by roaming around the city at all night. After all, every story has to end and how this one does was revealed in the remaining parts.The cast was the best thing I liked. The story was average, because most of the film was improvised than scripted. So some of the parts were funny, though you won't laugh loudly. The end should have been better, except that part the overall film was better than I thought, only entertainment wise. So I had a decent time with it and I can't say you would do the same, but definitely not bad to try once.6/10

Paul C (au) wrote: Great special effects 99% practical to no CGI crap. Gore hounds will love it for the F/X , story wise just suspend your disbelief and have fun with it. Couple of just absurd moments that had me rolling , good silly fun.

Filippo V (fr) wrote: Un'idea di base molto convincente rovinata da un pessimo design degli infetti, che ho trovato poco curati e dal carattere approssimativo. Nonostante questo, Will Smith eccezionale come sempre e incarna alla perfezione l'anima che sta alla base del film.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: What it lacks in subtlety, "Black Hawk Down" more than makes up for in bracing combat and high octane filmmaking from a true master.

Ahmed A (es) wrote: Wow this was amazing- the story was fresh, the comedy was fresh and what I really loved about this movie is the family.

Cynthia S (de) wrote: The story about the song is absurd, the menage-a-trois is not sexy, but the atmosphere is nice and you cant take yours eyes off Erika Marozsan..she is just gorgeous. A little slow, though, and a little uneventful. Really good ending, however, which almost makes me forgive the rest.

Andres G (br) wrote: awesome movie. best ever from all star trek franchise EVEN UP TO DATE. awesome special effects.

Nicholas P (it) wrote: This movie is worth the watch just for a laughable water training sequence. Highly gay and funny.

Michael T (mx) wrote: Splatter film was touted as a "horror comedy," but is neither funny nor scary.

Alex r (au) wrote: Mario Bava's feature length debut Black Sunday is a stunning gothic horror film that still manages to terrify decades after its release. Beautifully shot, Bava's film possesses atmosphere that elevates the tension on-screen. This is a fine horror film, and a stunning debut by one of Italy's most iconic masters of horror. Black Sunday is simple in its storytelling, and works on so many levels. Films like Black Sunday are much better than most because they use atmosphere to effective buildup the terror, instead of focusing on jump scares like we see in many of today's horror films. Black Sunday is also a very well acted film with a magnetic performance by actress Barbara Steele. Mario Bava would later helm other great horror films, but Black Sunday still reigns as one of his finest. Bava has been called a pioneer in Italian horror, and with this impressive first feature, he crafts a terrific atmospheric horror tale that is absolutely terrifying due to the way it was filmed. I've said it before, atmosphere is key to creating effective terror and with Black Sunday we get just that. It's a subtle, yet truly terrifying film that ranks among the finest of Italian horror films. The fact that the film uses simple elements to create a truly memorable film is proof that when a filmmaker uses few elements at his disposal, then he's able to make something truly memorable and highly entertaining from start to finish. If you love classic horror films, then give Black Sunday a viewing, for its short run time, it truly grabs your attention from beginning to end, and with some great performances, well paced direction from Mario Bava, this is a definite genre classic that no horror fan should miss.

aslkfj a (jp) wrote: A lesser entry in the filmography of Laurel and Hardy. There are too many dull, extraneous characters and plotlines, which detract from what should be the film's main focus -- the antics of Stan and Ollie.

Kace C (mx) wrote: Khumba [2013] The story is too shallow, I almost puked. 3/10

Konrad A (it) wrote: Not much I can say about this movie because there was not enough action in this movie for me to enjoy

Hannah D (gb) wrote: This is very hard-hitting and relentlessly grim. It is littered with really bad language, but it is a well-acted film and watchable, although for me it was a bit too slow. There are some disturbing scenes, including the savage murder of a dog. I really like Olivia Colman as an actress.

Mitch N (mx) wrote: good premise didn't quite hit the mark