Secrets of an Undercover Wife

Secrets of an Undercover Wife

A wife goes undercover to gain information from the mob to free her husband from jail who has been convicted for embezzlement and murder.

A wife goes undercover to gain information from the mob to free her husband from jail who has been convicted for embezzlement and murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard S (jp) wrote: This was a fairly average gangster movie, plods along quite slowly but never too slow that you lose interest. I don't know how true it is to the real story but if you've seen other similar biopics then you won't find anything new in this one

Sara B (jp) wrote: this was a very fun movie. GRANTED, if I wasn't a fan of the books, I might not have enjoyed it as much. I felt it was a faithful representation of the book series, and I really did enjoy it. Take it with a grain of salt though. If you didn't enjoy the books, you aren't going to enjoy this. If you never read the books........i'm not sure........stephanie has MAJOR issues, and that is what endears her to us.

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Daniel T (de) wrote: Action packed must see!!

Scott C (ru) wrote: This is really forgettable. Ali Larter was gorgeous in it though.

Keith M (kr) wrote: A few funny moments but not enough for me. A bit too simple

Philip Z (ca) wrote: I wanted to like this movie. First and foremost, I'm an action movie junkie and I love to sink my teeth into a nice greasy cheeseburger of a movie from time to time. This looked like one of those so artery clogging it's good sort of things. Andy Garcia plays a good guy cop whose son is at death's door because he needs a bone marrow transplant, Michael Keaton plays an incarcerated sociopath who would make a perfect donor. Keaton seems to know that he's starring in junk and he wisely makes his performance campy yet sinister. You can tell that the man has been allowed to cut loose and it makes for some enjoyable stuff. In fact, Keaton seems to be the only one who finds the right tone. The rest of the cast just seem to be collecting a paycheck. It's a real shame when you consider the talents of Marcia Gay Harden and Brian Cox are being wasted in meaningless roles. Speaking of meaningless, that's what I think of the entire film. It's actually a five minute story centered around an extended chase scene. And, the five minute story is oh so boring. The end scene is what really pissed me off. That's when I knew that everything I was watching was unnecessary and a lot of noise and action with zero purpose. It was fun watching Keaton act crazy for two hours but when you consider the fact that we already have movies like Pacific Heights and Tim Burton's Beetlejuice there's really no point to seeing this one... at all.

Joseph H (br) wrote: Predator 2 is not a really good sequel by any means but Danny Glover was fun to watch and the film builds the predator character and makes him even more bad ass with all his new gadgets!

Christian H (mx) wrote: In the vein of era drama films, a truly emotive yet simple drama based on a true story and helmed by a great cast.

Margarita S (br) wrote: I wasn't able to get through this movie when I first tried to watch it several years ago. Truth be told, I was simply bored. Although, there is meaty script with robust themes, I was overwhelmed by how much was packed into this film. The cast, though superb, is too big, so characters don't have an opportunity to shine. The result? A film filled with British cliches - say an Upstairs-Downstairs meets an Agatha Christie mystery. The movie's good, but its lack of breathing room prevented it from being great.