Young couple Carla (Maestro) and Martin (Leroux) are abducted by three men and spend a terrifying night in Caracas as they wait for Carla's father (Blades) to hand over the ransom

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Secuestro 2005 full movies, Secuestro torrents movie

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Secuestro torrent reviews

James L (it) wrote: Absolutely one of the most inspiring sports documentaries I've seen in my lifetime....the backdrop and history of Rwanda makes this story even more compelling and if you are a fan of cycling, then this is a must watch documentary ! 4 Stars

Inta K (it) wrote: strange and kinda slinky movie

Robyn M (kr) wrote: "Dark Humor makes this b-movie tolerable at best."It's doubtful that giving lollipops to homeless people will change the world or encourage someone to go out and get a job. It ludacris mockumentary has me annoyed and baffled. Lollilove's attempt to persuade me to love red dye candy and a bad plot is unsuccessful. Its a miss.

lionel m (it) wrote: se battre pour tre libre

Grant S (es) wrote: Epic drama.Set in Japan in the 16th century (or so), an elderly warlord retires,handing over his empire to his three sons. However, he vastlyunderestimates how the new-found power will corrupt them, or cause themto turn on each other...and him...Directed by famed Japanese director Akira Kurasawa (Seven Samurai,Rashomon, Yojimbo), this is a grand, sweeping tale of family betrayaland lust for power. Based on Shakespeare's King Lear but even if youweren't familiar with that work, you can spot the Shakespearean aspects- the family feud, the Machiavellian power plays, the plots andcounter-plots, the tragic twists, often from seemingly arbitraryevents.Not perfect though. The story could have been tighter - there are a fewsub-plots which don't really add anything to the story and just prolongit unnecessarily. Some plot developments aren't explained very welleither. And I could have done without the irritating court jester (morelike court cynic) character...

Marc L (it) wrote: Tout le monde a oubli ce film de 2002 conu par Bernie "Antisocial" Bonvoisin, leader du groupe Trust. Et ceux qui ne l'ont pas oubli n'en gardent pas un souvenir spcialement mu. Pourtant, Bernie avait imagin la chose sous deux angles diffrents. Primo, truffer un classique film de cape et d'pe XVIIe sicle de gimmicks venus du Wuxia, du cinma de genre ou encore du Western. Secundo, orchestrer la rencontre du phras ampoul de cette poque et d'une syntaxe moderne et argotique. Dans les deux cas, l'ide tait allchante. Dans les deux cas, elle fonctionne...une demi-douzaine de fois sur un film d'1h30. Dont acte.

Kevin M (mx) wrote: this move is so mind meltingly bad it's awesome.

Bruno V (de) wrote: Didn't know you could beat each other to pulp in a game of hockey . Let's say a Cool movie but not the greatest story ever...

bill s (jp) wrote: Zany.silly martial arts movie that could have gone off the rails but ends up being one fun ride.

Wade H (gb) wrote: Wilson and Chan's chemistry drags loose plotholes and boring scenes. But the action is still the scene stealer with precise comedy.

Lovestyle Q (es) wrote: i want to watch the real movie