An ex-special services veteran, down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. On his first night on the job, he opens the door to a distraught and desperate young girl who has fled the hijacking of a Police motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a witness in a trial. Hot on her heels is the psychopathic hijacker and his team of henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate the witness.

The movie tells the story of a PTSD-addled war veteran turned security guard who has to protect a female witness from a gang after they lose all forms of communication during a storm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (jp) wrote: Enjoyed the premises and concept of the two earths, a parallel universe where the bad guys like Lex Luthor and Joker are good and Superman & Co bad. The animation and the story itself are decent but not as good as the other works by DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Among the guys from parallel world the only one standing out is Owlman, the opposite of Batmen.

Zahid C (gb) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 22 Apr 2015Time: 10.00 pmWith: Maa, Azeem On: HDTV

Harshith J (br) wrote: Looks a like light entertainer . As I am recently into photography, I can see a good use photography techniques and visual brilliance utilized here. Did not like the story and fantasy concept that much though. But looks like one of the good entertainer from 2006.

Sophia Y (fr) wrote: I really like how the director set the plot.But I think it is kinda short.And I like Melvil Poupaud's performence in the movie. Though the point of the movie is about how to face the difficulty,however,I think the part of family is also important.

Kathryn M (ru) wrote: Perhaps just a little bit too slow paced for me... but the scenery and the peek at bhutanese livestyle was superb. Not as good as 'The Cup' his other movie that I have seen and which was so good it made me seek out and watch this one.

Dominik N (ca) wrote: yeah, it's all been done before... he is the messiah from the prophecy, fights a bunch of dudes, always wins cause he's such a badass and finally leads a huge army to victory. but this one's actually quite well done and entertaining, with great props and costumes and overall good performances by the cast.

Lena T (kr) wrote: call me crazy but i love mortal kombat

Sanford R (ca) wrote: I don't know about this

Ben C (fr) wrote: The only thing worth watching for this movie is the soundtrack itself, although it and the movie seems to be cliched even for its time even when compared to Rocky and The Karate Kid. P.S. The reason why Jason Stillwell and his family move to Seattle is because of a sudden injury from his father, who was at the beginning of the movie a Martial Arts teacher.

David L (br) wrote: Racist and stupid, raunchy and retarded, Coonskin is one hell of an awful movie and it is not even funny, which 'Fritz the Cat', nothing special as it is, is at least that.

Michael S (kr) wrote: One of the best in the original series.

Patryk C (ag) wrote: A period epic that shows a vicious and brutal story about a young sociopath samurai, who broke the honorary code by killing another man in a bloodless competition and goes on a run, in order to avoid vengeance from the side of the dead man's brother. Apart from that, a trail of deadly vendettas follows him closely for the whole time, and in the end it's just a matter of who shall eventually face him in the final duel for life or death. Visually stunning, and rich in its storyline, The Sword of Doom marks Tatsuya Nakadai's most memorable performance as the unscrupulous and crude warrior. Although the end might seem not as compelling as the rest of the movie, it still stays on top of its intense game.

Veniea T (mx) wrote: Don't care for Elvis and any others that have to do with him

John W (nl) wrote: What a disaster movie - terrible!!

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: Hayride tried hard to scare but ultimately failed with its cliche plot. There were lots of gore but that's all the redeeming factor there is.