Sed de venganza

Sed de venganza


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   serial killer,  

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Sed de venganza torrent reviews

Elaine C (ca) wrote: It's a bit predictable~ No surprice at all but Chapman To is pretty funny in a cool-way in this movie! For people who have yet to see this movie, I suggest u to wait for the DVD or VCD to release!! =)

cj o (it) wrote: I'm not one for Disney songs, but he. It's Peter Pan, an you can rarely go wrong with the universes of Peter Pan and Never Land.

Kaarina P (br) wrote: great acting, suspenseful writing, gritty thriller

Lesley S (jp) wrote: A brilliant movie. Brings out all your emotions. Watched it with friends and we were so impressed we now go to the shows.

Mallidis E (fr) wrote: A romantic comedy, a revenge plan, some funny moments...You never know where you may find love...

Matt M (es) wrote: This is the first Bollywood movie I've ever seen, and I found this to be rather charming. Luckily, I'm already a fan of movie musicals, so that format wasn't very jarring to me at all.

sock p (it) wrote: I always loved this movie, admittedly its not as cool as it culd be but its stil pretty terrific. Based on the cult comicstrip 'Tank girl' is a fierce grrrl who kicks serious ass. Lori Pettys performance as the eponymous character is terrifically eccentric an OTT. The movie has a loopy sense of huour and a few flamboyant scenes. Good fun al round. Great to see an eccentric female badass heroine in a movie. its rare.

Jason K (ag) wrote: Still holds up, still 80s as hell.

Stuart K (de) wrote: After years of Tarzan films, including the famous Johnny Weissmuller ones, this was an attempt by Hugh Hudson, then hot of the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire (1981) to take Edgar Rice Burroughs' character seriously for a change, the result is a bit slow, but it looks beautiful. It begins when Earl of Greystoke (Paul Geoffrey) and his wife Alice (Cheryl Campbell) are shipwrecked on the coast of remote Western Africa. Alice gives birth to a baby boy, but Alice dies from fever and the Earl is killed by an ape. But their baby son is found by a family of chimpanzees, who take him and raise him as one of their own. He grows up learning to survive and hunt, but as he grows into an adult (Christopher Lambert), he and his "family" are discovered by a party of explorers, who are attacked by African natives, the only survivor is Philippe D'Arnot (Ian Holm) who discovers who the jungle boy really is, and convinces him to come home to England to take his seat as Earl of Greystoke, alongside his Grandfather (Ralph Richardson) and his ward Jane (Andie MacDowell, dubbed by Glenn Close), but will he adapt to normal life?? It's beautifully filmed, but it all feels a bit cold and clinical, the scenes in the jungle are very good, but it changes tone despite the great Ralph Richardson, in his final role, appearing.

Michael R (it) wrote: I was confused the whole time.

Nicholas A (gb) wrote: They don't crack jokes like that anymore, sadly.

Dan G (kr) wrote: There's a reason Burt Lancaster's character made the AFI villains list. Right from the beginning you want to punch out the egotistical, narcissistic J.J. Hunsecker. I felt his character was a tad over-the-top, however, as per usual for many of Lancaster's characters. Though he is seedy in his own right, Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) is almost the protaganist of the film. Though he is completely consumed with making a buck, even at the expense of an innocent person, there's a kind of sense of redemption you want him to experience. Alas, the angle about Hunsecker wanting his sister to break off her relationship with jazz musician Steve Dallas (Martin Milner of Adam-12 fame) wasn't really explored too in-depth as it pertains to the origin. Did Hunsecker just not like Dallas? Did he not like anybody who would date his sister? Or something else?

Jordan K (au) wrote: Encino Man is absolutely one of the worst films I have ever seen. Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but it was so awful that I stopped an hour in. One of the awfully cliched teen movies of the early 90s that tries to blend in Bill and Ted and Wayne's World humor and miserably fails.The story's pretty simple. Sean Astin and Pauly Shore find a frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) in their backyard and try to hide him from their parents, get him adjusted to modern day lifestyles, etc. It's surfer dude humor from there, and there wasn't one moment when I laughed. Of course, any sane person wouldn't ever really laugh at a movie with Pauly Shore. A definite one to skip. For fans of REAL humor, you'll hate Encino Man for sure.

Robert D (mx) wrote: Worst than sharknado

Christian C (ru) wrote: M'eh. Watch "Boogie Nights" for a real film about drugs, partying, hedonism and loss!

Brian S (es) wrote: A nice reference to both the Blob and a few of zombie Romero films. Its got everything a horror comedy should have,gore, funny moments, good acting, nice cinematography, zombies and likeable characters. Its a cult alien parasite film entertaining and trust me, you wont get bored. Recommended !!