Seduced and Abandoned

Seduced and Abandoned

SEDUCED AND ABANDONED combines acting legend Alec Baldwin with director James Toback as they lead us on a troublesome and often hilarious journey of raising financing for their next feature film. Moving from director to financier to star actor, the two players provide us with a unique look behind the curtain at the world's biggest and most glamourous film festival, shining a light on the bitter-sweet relationship filmmakers have with Cannes and the film business. Featuring insights from directors Martin Scorsese, 'Bernando Bertolucci' and Roman Polanski; actors Ryan Gosling and Jessica Chastain and a host of film distribution luminaries.

Filmmaker James Toback and actor Alec Baldwin travel to the Cannes Film Festival to secure financing for a movie. Taking part in several pitch sessions with producers as well as interviews with directors and actors, the duo explore the film production aspect of film financing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DC E (gb) wrote: "Why Stop Now" 10 Scale Rating: 5.0 (Average) ...The Good: A mostly entertaining cast who turned in good performances. I liked what they were trying to do here, even if the execution fell short. The scenes that I found to be amusing were very very amusing. The Bad: For starters, Jesse Eisenberg is beginning to be the same guy in every movie and is starting to feel like a one dimensional actor. The film itself seemed to struggle with it's identity and flip flopped from comedy to drama and back again repeatedly. It is fine for a screwball comedy to attempt to have some heart, but the delivery for this film was flawed and it felt forced. Scenes and lines felt completely random and confusing as they tried ever so hard to make this more than it was.

David W (de) wrote: A terrible sequel from a pretty badass franchise, ruins it all by how poorly made it is......

Jenny D (mx) wrote: It wasn't too bad, because I actally finished watching from beginning to end. I did somehow had a somewhat accurate prediction of what was going on in the movie. Though the ending pretty much threw me off.

Glenn D (es) wrote: a small, clich story but the performances of the cast makes this movie watchable

Michael B (ca) wrote: An average fare from Miike based on some game. Its one of his more mainstream movies but still have some of his signature craziness to it to make it interesting. He makes good use of typical game elements and the scenes play out as scenes from a game but that is also where its weaknesses show. The story is sketchy and the characters are flat and one dimensional. Miike works very fast on his movies and this one seems to have been made when he was half asleep too.

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Bas v (gb) wrote: Another sublime work from Korean writer and director Ki-duk Kim. In less-is-more style he tells a beautiful, dreamy, dramatic, nearly poetic story with hardly any dialog. Interesting movie, highly recommended."It's hard to tell that the world we live in is either a reality or a dream."

Don S (fr) wrote: Low-budget zombie flick with a redneck flair. Take a slew of unknown actors, throw them in a small town in Alabama where the Sheriff and Deputy are gone for the weekend leaving the civilian dispatcher in charge, add loads of zombies (with fair effects), and mix. Supposedly, horror and humor are the result. While neither of these happened for me, I almost enjoyed it enough to recommend but not quite.

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