See No Evil

See No Evil

Sarah is a blind girl who has returned to her home, a country manor in which all of the occupants are dead. She unknowingly sleeps overnight, among a houseful of corpses, arising the next morning to quietly creep out of bed, in order not to awaken the other members of the household.

A young blind woman is pursued by a maniac while staying with family in their country manor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg L (us) wrote: A great and more in depth look at, "Night of the Living Dead".

Sudharshan S (jp) wrote: Deftly adapted from the Malayalam movie Perumazhakkalam, Dor is a tale of a gritty wife??s journey to save the life of her husband. Excellent movie from Nagesh Kukunoor!!

Robert M (fr) wrote: Great documentary about the Man of Steel movies and shows.

Olivia R (au) wrote: Marisa Tomei is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses.

Michael C (mx) wrote: I don't know why this movie receives such bad reviews. The cinematography is outstanding. The plot is very sound and the music is fantastic. Lots of action but the love story between Gong Li and Colin Farrell is another dimension. I wish there was a sequel.

Guillaume H (ru) wrote: An unexpected classic, it boasts a solid allegory for girls teenagehood, the best capture of the suburbs bleakness and the ultimate best falsely clueless mom thats so kind shes practically a hero. The movie is very taut, well written and has its specific visual flair. Also, Emily Perkins as Brigitte is iconic in the teenage horror movie domain.

E L (es) wrote: Quite disappointing. A waste of the casts' talents.

Brenna H (gb) wrote: Great movie, gorgeous men, and wonderful revelations.

Carlos M (kr) wrote: The truest definition of a magical film, with great performances, one of the most beautiful scores I can remember and a touching narrative that is not about baseball as it is about going the distance and making amends with the past - and the ending is simply wonderful.

Gillian M (us) wrote: Even though not a lot happens in this film, The actors stop it from being boring. The real stand out of the film is Leonardo DiCaprio as Arnie, I'm baffled as to why he didn't win the Oscar.

Panayiota K (gb) wrote: Boring and sexist. that ending, fuck it. I was expecting a funny movie

Paul G (de) wrote: Worth a watch but at times it's painfully slow.