See piu fung wan

See piu fung wan


A powerful triad boss has been kidnapped, and the new police superintendent Koo (Fala Chen) decides to recruit the help of Mann (Simon Yam), a former supercop who has since been relegated to back-up duty. Mann has his work cut out for him when he realizes his opponent is Sam (Michael Miu), a former cop with plenty of grudges. When Sam takes the fight to Mann’s family, Mann is more than determined to bring down the dangerous kidnapper and his gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TJ J (kr) wrote: Hello!Anything with Paul Walker is phenomenal!

Sarah G (ru) wrote: Decent suspense and great acting but the ending was kind of disappointing. I felt like the movie was leading up to something really great and dramatic but then just fizzled.

Rachel W (us) wrote: This is now my benchmark for all terrible films.

Kenny N (ca) wrote: From the director of exploitation classics such as "The Driller Killer" and "Ms. 45" comes a heartfelt, explosive, and just plain excellent little gem that has been unfairly buried deep. The two leads (in their only lead roles to date) readily convince, as does the violence occurring between the rival gangs. (Whether there's real bad blood between NYC's Little Italy and Chinatown neighborhoods or not, this movie makes you believe so.) I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. Certainly one of the best contemporary adaptations of the "Romeo and Juliet" story (although it has more in common with "West Side Story.") This deserves a DVD release in the states and to be recognized as a great romantic drama and depiction of gangland violence. Bravo, Mr. Ferrara.

Aj V (au) wrote: A brilliantly unique thriller based on the great play, it's very crazy and suspenseful, I loved it and I highly recommend it.

Robert H (it) wrote: Not fabulous by any means, but this movie changed my musical taste and hence my life. I still watch it - I love it in spite of its many flaws.

Ryan Q (nl) wrote: it's no Poseidon Adventure.

Jason H (es) wrote: awesome, havn't seen this since i was like 10.

Stella D (es) wrote: one of the best political films from the turbulent period of leftist activism of the late 60s and still just as relevant today, what with guantanamo bay still open

Clay B (nl) wrote: DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN! (1972)

Samantha S (us) wrote: Julia Roberts sucks.

Randy P (au) wrote: It's darker and more gross then the other Farrelly brother films, but in the end it still has it's punches that come out of no where and make you laugh, and it has some heart to it.

Stephen J (au) wrote: Kiss the Girls is like the one friend you had in high school you thought was good looking but just not attractive enough to date. The movie doesn't do anything terribly wrong, but it doesn't do anything incredibly impressive either. Kiss the Girls is a somewhat enjoyable yet predictable movie with a "made for TV" quality screenplay. Overall shallow performances by normally great actors whose characters respond preposterously to a mostly unbelievable plot. Morgan Freeman is the film's redemption. James Patterson's book comes to life, but Patterson's book wasn't that great anyway. Rent it, don't buy it.