See You in September

See You in September

Feeling abandoned by her therapist who's gone on an extended vacation, beautiful Lindsay (Estella Warren) gets help with her fear of commitment from an ad hoc support group formed by other New Yorkers also left high and dry by their shrinks. But when her pals dare her to date fellow group member A.J. (Justin Kirk), Lindsay begins to wonder if she's finally found her match. Tamara Tunie directs this charming romantic comedy.

See You in September is an original romantic comedy set in current day Manhattan. The film centers around Lindsay, a beautiful woman who seemingly has it all, but is deeply afraid of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron G (au) wrote: The birth of our current generation of comedy stars left me feeling completely left out. Possibly because I'd heard the entire movie quoted a thousand times before I finally saw it against my will.

Rip V (mx) wrote: Featuring depleted humor, dispensable characters, predictable twists, ridiculous dialogues and wasted "Pulp Fiction" potential, this film is nothing more than a huge mess of celebrities.

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