After surviving the electric chair, convicted serial killer Max Seed is buried alive. He digs himself out of the grave and goes on a killing spree. Taking revenge on the men who put him there and random unfortunates alike.

After a seemingly undead man is bound and buried alive, he digs himself back to the surface and seeks bloody vengeance on those who caused him his suffering. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seed torrent reviews

qamar ia S (ag) wrote: Different Role of Ritesh, I still believe it could have been done much better.

Phil S (fr) wrote: This movie is okay. Not great. Not horrible. The pacing is a little off and the humor at times is more cutesy than funny. What is great about Potiche is Deneuve's charming and charismatic perfromance.

Josh L (ca) wrote: What happened with the sequel to one of the best foreign movies ever made? This was like a rip off of the original X-Men live-action film.

Simp P (br) wrote: What do you believe in? This film will have you asking that as well as other questions. What is faith, and what happens when what you believed to be true is not? A minimalist approach, great actors, and an engaging presentation.

Michael D (au) wrote: I can't WAIT TO SEE IT!

Aaron M (es) wrote: Fun flick for a Friday night at home!

Ernest C (ag) wrote: This political thriller disappoints in having a too slow pace, characters with insufficient depth and a resolution too improbably convenient. Ultimately, much of the tension and narrative drive that existed in the novel of the same name does not translate to screen.

bill b (gb) wrote: I so loved this film. Cold Strong and moving. Nothing new in the plot or nothing original. But its a good film which i can watch again and again. Amazing the detail how a killer sleeps!!!

Craig H (fr) wrote: offbeat Italian zombie movie

Karsh D (es) wrote: Strange if slightly dull psycho thriller. A young lad with poor eyesight and an over active imagination believes he knows the I.d. Of a local serial killer preying on the local blind club.

Justin E (it) wrote: Worst then the first!

Adrian B (ru) wrote: Period piece set in South America reeks of dullness from the first minute to the 100th minute. Stewart Granger plays an explorer who wants to open an emerald mine in Colombia, and has to persuade the villagers and a gorgeous owner (Grace Kelly) of a coffee plantation. Not much happens for the bulk of the film, with just forgettable dialogue (and performances for that matter) throughout this near-ordeal. One scene of particular silliness is when the first man of Kelly's interest (John Ericson) is killed when a rock during a mine renovation falls and allegedly kills him. From what I saw, the rock missed him and landed at his groin when he fell down (it barely hit his body). What a laughable death to accompany a non-recommendable film. A particular waste of Grace Kelly's fine acting capabilities (she was in five movies that year, and the two worth watching over the others are "The Country Girl," which contains her Oscar winning performance, and of course, "Rear Window").

Allan C (ru) wrote: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis had their first starring feature film with this enjoyable if forgettable army comedy. There story isn't much to speak of, but there are enough good gags to keep it enjoyable. Martin and Lewis also get a chance to do a few of their nightclub routines at one point.

peter h (de) wrote: oh boy what a werid gore film from cult Leganad HGL.This like many of his other films suffer from poor direction and bad writing but the acting in this film is on a decent level but its draged down by its poor frame work. The plot id would rank under SOMETHING WERID and MONSTER A GO-GO for unusal twist, the story of the wizard of gore involes the magician Montag (which is monday in german couincendently) commiting amazing tricks on a bunch of ususpecting females that fall victum to brutall gory deaths . The plot is staigt forward untill the final few minutes which underminds the hole plot or ties in nicly with montags jargon speech at the start. 4/10 thankfully this was one of HGL last few films before leaving the bussines but retured 2002 with Blood Feast 2 :-( not good

David L (ag) wrote: Well it's taken 30 years, but I've now been forced to watch this, as apparently it was a sin not to have seen it by now. Probably an even bigger sin that I've hardly seen any of Tom Cruise's movies I'm guessing?! Nothing against him, but they often strike me as being rather plain, middle of he road type stories which I can take or leave. Given that I had at least heard of this, I'm guessing it was going to be one of his better ones, and it was certainly passable - a hot shot pilot and his partner in crime training to be the best of the best as they glide through the training regimes with flying colours. It's unbelievably cheesy to say the least, what with the outfits, the soundtrack, and the banter amongst all the rookies - it's got an 80's stamp all over it. It's highly predictable but what 80's film isn't, so when tragedy strikes, it's not so much emotional, than corny, but this just wouldn't be complete without its high's and its lows. It's got a real Alpha male vibe to it, littered with arrogant characters, sexual tension and plenty of flight time. It's occasionally difficult to track who's who in the fast paced stunts as the helmets mask the faces, but other than Maverick, Goose, and Iceman, all the other characters are largely forgettable anyway. It's certainly a different type of genre to what I'm used to seeing, and admittedly it was very watchable. I'm certainly glad I'm over my top gun hoodoo, but it's not screaming at me to watch it again anytime soon, not even for my wingman!