The citizens of Comet Valley are being taken over by seeds from an alien plant that has taken root there. A sheriff investigates the strange goings-on.

The citizens of Comet Valley are being taken over by seeds from an alien plant that has taken root there. A sheriff investigates the strange goings-on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (au) wrote: Australia's version of American Pie, only w UK actors, and better. Minor plot and dialog issues, but overall its not really meant to be mindblowing- just a 80s homage to teen disaster movies.

James D (au) wrote: I own it, so I might as well see it once.

James H (br) wrote: The acting is poor, the direction lacks spark. Dumb and amateurish. The whole convent thing is just too much. It tries to provide laughs, but it is so far fetched. Its a sister act rip-off.

Max G (ca) wrote: Simply painful to even try to watch this unholy embarassment of cinema. I seriously could not stand how unnerving the CG facial lip movement of the toddlers used and the horrid voice-dubbing of them in an impossible attempt to bring humor out of it. What the hell are Christopher Lloyd and Kathleen Turner doing in this mess also?! They must, and should be, ashamed with their instantly abominable move on getting involved in this kid movie that's frankly a dead serious must-avoid for all families. It belongs in the trash, just like a diaper, with no stars to go with it.

Fernando C (ru) wrote: pretty clever, and very intriguing, the first movie of the great Chritopher Nolan is just as good as anything youd expect from him.

Douglas H (kr) wrote: The best film version of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya to date.

Ian P (us) wrote: Good thing this is the last one cause the series just jumped the shark. Not to mention Bronson is in his freaking SEVENTIES in this movie. He shouldn't be killing baddies, he should be losing all his money to telemarketing fraud.

Kal T (ca) wrote: My favorite comedy of all time. Jay and the Broken Lizard boys made me laugh so hard I almost puked out a lung!!!!

Kyle M (nl) wrote: It's the best yet out of all animated superhero films out there.The film is based on the "Justice League: Origin" story - the first story of "The New 52" that's a revamp of the long-running team. The universe is quite similar to how the X-Men live in theirs when Batman pointed out that the people are afraid of them heroes because they're different. While that's the case, the people are also angry at them since they, the normal ones, have to pay their damages of their heroic deeds. (And one time in the film, a woman was saved by Green Lantern from being abducted, and asked him does she have to pay him for saving her, without thanking him.)In a world where superheroes aren't fully appreciated for their heroic deeds, there has been mysterious abductions going on around cities, with strange-looking devices left behind hidden. The world's finest heroes - Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash - gets involved looking into the crisis while dealing with the monstrous creatures that are preparing an invasion of a bigger threat's arrival. Dealing with the common enemy and running into each, the formation of the Justice League begun.The exciting action-packed animated superhero flick is packed with excellency in the performances of the animation and voice-acting, next to the characterization, the humor (with coolness blended in some points), as well there's a nice heartening moment at the end. Those are the qualities that'd made this the best of its kind; especially having something that was rare in any of the other animated superhero films - well, before Disney's "Big Hero 6": a nice heart. The "Crisis on Two Earths" was the first to attempt this almost four years prior.The film also handled the violent content down with only one scene appearance of blood coming out - a better move than watching bloody violence that was shown in the previous Justice League film and couple of solo rides prior.But of course there was a quickening spirit within the film's substance that usually take an element with a snap, *snap,* just like that. And there were some dullness in the script like when ever Wonder Woman shouts warrior cheer over a small deal with melodrama (you can say she has the similar spirit of Marvel's Thor). This film is the first of the series of [animated] films in a shared universe - DC Comics' second cinematic universe while their live-action one started a year prior with "Man of Steel." I would say the shared universe trend started by Marvel is beginning to look like it's a smart move to entertain viewers, especially fans - and comic book readers in most cases. (Even with a sneak peak of a nod towards the upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice")."Justice League: War" is, like I said before, the best of its kind in the superhero genre in animation going to the level where none have yet ever reached. (A-)

Jason S (ca) wrote: A hilarious satire on high school cliques and life.