Seeing Heaven

Seeing Heaven

A beautiful young escort, Paul, suffers from trip-like dreams he doesn't understand. These visions are shared by his clients, both scaring and exciting them. Paul is searching for his twin brother, whom he hasn't seen since childhood, and hooks up with enigmatic film director John Baxter. Desired by everyone but lost to himself, Paul is persuaded to make one adult film, which will help him discover himself, and in the process find his twin. But the journey he goes on is a dark one, involving dangerous clients, an unscrupulous rival producer, and unsafe sex. In discovering his true past, Paul is in danger of destroying himself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dream,   escort,   mask,  

A beautiful young escort, Paul, suffers from trip-like dreams he doesn't understand. Paul is searching for his twin brother, but the journey he goes on is a dark one. In discovering his true past, Paul is in danger of destroying himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seeing Heaven torrent reviews

Gary M (ag) wrote: It had good action. Not bad storyline. Could of laid of on the effects though.

Simon H (ru) wrote: Predictable in truth but a good watch all the same.

Ramee J (de) wrote: came for Radcliffe....stayed cuz i didnt want to waste my money. Kind of wish i left now...

Markus S (us) wrote: it cant compare to Yimou Zhangs other movies, but its pretty decent, a bit to slow paced but its allright, a bit predicteble...

Eric L (nl) wrote: Bon film relatant la periode precedant l'emergence et l'unification faites sous les Hells. Excellente lecon de vie. L'histoire du crime organise des motards criminells est tres bien reproduite dans ce film. Beaucoup de drogue, sexe, prostitution, meurtre, bagarre... Tout est en oeuvre pour un film dark. Le casting est excellent.

Britany H (ru) wrote: I love this movie. Maybe a little out there, but a very good movie, with great acting.

Brian B (ru) wrote: People you do realize smoking crystal meth makes your poor score inaccurate right? Anyone with any real type of acting ability or at least the ability to appreciate what these actors go through would rate this masterpiece with nothing less than three stars. First off Forest Whitaker was brilliant with an Oscar worthy performance! Michael Madsen was delightfully refreshing. Ben Kingsley was strange and mysterious and Natasha Henstridge was just plain hot! A must see for The Predator type sci-fi enthusiast!

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Tanner B (kr) wrote: Dead Alive (1993) ???Original, outrageous black comedy/horror film from Peter Jackson is an inventive, widely stylish roller-coaster ride for those with an appetite for extreme violence and with an appalling sense of humor. Young chap's mum dies, comes back as a zombie along with others she infected. Easily the goriest horror film ever made-certainly one of the funniest. British gem is totally full-bore Jackson: at turns funny, vibrant, hypnotic . . . and absolutely disgusting. And just wait for the denouement! A must for horror fans; however, if the sight of blood makes you wince, beware!

Gareth D (au) wrote: A film worthy of study. Amazing darkness to what first appears a light hearted western. The relevance to contemporary racism and radicalisation is rife in a movie that can make you think twice about how you think. Please disregard the occasional moment of appalling bad acting that belongs in a local town amdram. The majority is world class. Call me blind, but I loved it in the opening credits. I love it still.

daniel s (es) wrote: Mogambo, interesting title, Mogambo...I can't think of the bonds between the title and the film...Mogambo. I've got to say, I really enjoyed this film. Its very romantic even though I have never liked Clark Gable. Ava Gardner is as gorgeous as ever in this film. Its got a beautiful scenery and is very nicely scripted. Grace Kelly, is a bit frantic and Clark Gable maybe a little to boring. The film is still beautiful and creates a very pleasant evening. I think this is the only film rating I don't agree with Rotten Tomatoes.

ScubaSteve Walter M (de) wrote: Good cast but fails to come up with a good story to work on. What a waste.

Matt R (br) wrote: A visually gorgeous tale of growing up in the harshest kind of way, led by a riveting young Christian Bale.

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