Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

As an asteroid nears Earth, a man finds himself alone after his wife leaves in a panic. He decides to take a road trip to reunite with his high school sweetheart. Accompanying him is a neighbor who inadvertently puts a wrench in his plan.

Taking place when the asteroid Matilda approaches Earth, humans understand that they can exist only three weeks. With Dodge, he is just alone after his wife panickes and leaves. So Dodge decides to go looking for love since high school, with the desire to be eased somewhat during the remaining period of life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sally b (de) wrote: last ounce of courage

Angela M (ca) wrote: This is one of those quirky romantic-action-musical-suspense films with a message. :) It begins with a coat-check girl who's too shy to speak to the regular nightclub customer she's smitten with. One night at the club a customer ODs and is taken to the hospital. When she tries to return the customer's coat, she discovers that the girl who OD'd was about to meet her dying father for the first time, and that she died in the ambulance. Rather than telling the dying man that his long-lost daughter just passed away, she decides to play the role herself, only to find that the woman she's filling in for was actually a con artist hired by the family. Once they discover that she knows their secret, she must run for her life, inadvertently taking the man she loves along for the ride. All of this is just the beginning. Those of you reading this have different tastes and interests and yet I think none of you would dislike this film.

Tyler P (fr) wrote: Sympa mais ils auraient pu mieux faire.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Adam Sandler's movies are, of course, an acquired taste and not one that critics typically like. In Click, it's not particularly that different. It's dumb, sometimes funny, sometimes cringeworthy, and the only one who doesn't seem to be taking the movie or themselves seriously is Christopher Walken. Has its moments, but ultimately becomes regular Adam Sandler fare.

Kayla C (jp) wrote: Ahh, I love German movies. This one is really fun if you have an open mind. If you don't... then no one cares about ya! :D

EWC o (jp) wrote: Top notch action, likeable characters, and gleefully over the top squibs

Luke A (au) wrote: this is literally two different movies that were edited together to become one. it was so confusing at first, and it frankly still is. You'll notice certain characters who will never appear on screen with each other, and that's because they were in an entirely different movie. It's pretty funny, any time the vampires pop up on screen the movie is amazing. It drags a bit in some parts, but definitely worth a watch to just try and figure out who's idea this was.

Anthony I (ag) wrote: The first Buscemi movie. Pretty much the first AIDS movie, too. He's a risk taker, that's for certain. It's a talky movie with gay characters, and for it's time, that was a revelation.

Ken S (it) wrote: I love a good and nutty Sam Raimi film. Raimi is a master of the nutball comedy and of unique pictures with some over the top performances. I love the "Evil Dead" trilogy, and the first "Darkman" is fantastic. Raimi eventually toned down his nutty style and made some more mainstream straightforward films, probably in order to get his hands on some major projects like the "Spider-Man" films. Raimi teamed up with the Coen Brothers to write this film-noir/screwball comedy. If you like Raimi, and you go into this with the right attitude, then you will enjoy this for what it is, a completely over the top and nutty film-noir genre picture. Have fun with it, and I think you will find a hidden gem.

Alex L (fr) wrote: This is seriously one of the best, if not the best, documentaries that I've ever seen. Intense, emotional, informative, and story telling told so well.

Gordon C (it) wrote: As far as I know, this is the earliest film to depict the kind of Reality-TV game show which in recent years has become so prevalent. If anyone out there knows of an earlier one, please let me know. It's interesting that there have been several films (probably all influenced by this one) which have satirically suggested that such games may ultimately end up as a kind of blood-sport. This one has a sharp script and excellent performances from the two leads. But, like others, I found the ending a little disappointing.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Intense prison drama with good realism in the dialogue and a decent statement on the penal system.

Rick R (jp) wrote: China Seas (1935)Gruff and tough (and hung-over), Captain Alan Gaskell (played by Clark Gable) climbs aboard his ship at Hong Kong headed for Singapore. He finds his boy toy, Dolly "China Doll" Portland (played by Jean Harlow) is also onboard. He's trying to play it cool and not let this distract him from his duties, but he's surprised to find Sybil Barclay (played by a young Rosalind Russell), a very refined, old flame from his distant past is on board too.He ran away from the temptation of Sybil, his commission with the British Navy, and his "proper lifestyle" because she was a married woman. Now that Sybil is widowed, he wants to rekindle his love with her to the disappointment of Dolly.As if that's not enough, Malaysian pirates are trying to steal a gold shipment that's hidden on board, and how about throwing in a typhoon for good measure? Wallace Beery plays Jamesy MacArdle, who has got his eye on Dolly, as well as being in league with the pirates for the gold.There's tons of other characters in this movie too. My favorites are C. Aubrey Smith as Sir Guy Wilmering, the bushy eyebrowed and mustached British Taipan who owns the shipping fleet, and William Henry (remember him from "The Thin Man"?) as Junior officer Rockwell, the bumbling young officer who looks up to Captain Gaskell.This DVD is bundled up with the "Clark Gable - The Signature Collection" but might be sold separately now. It's a great print, a fantastic story, and added incentive to buying this box set if you're a Clark Gable fan.

Shelly l (au) wrote: Great adaptation of the case....I think that the case is so interesting....I know they were murderers..... but hey! they were cool and modern.... I like " Rope " too, of course , but this film is good on its own right. *****plus Orson Wells talking about death penalty***.

Matt S (fr) wrote: best James Bond movie I've seen

Todd S (it) wrote: While you may not know the name Phillip K. Dick, many of the biggest Science Fiction films of the last thirty years have been adaptations of his work. Dick is responsible for the films Blade Runner, The Terminator, Total Recall, Minority Report, and Paycheck just to name a few. Due to the popularity of his work in film and how successful they've been, even a lesser known work like Paycheck has been made into a film. The story includes many of the action sequences and interesting characters associated with Dick's stories, but Paycheck does lack the futuristic Science Fiction that has become Dick's signature, which is the main reason this story isn't as well known as his other works. The story takes place in modern day, where a man is offered an irresistible deal. Jennings (Ben Affleck) is told that if he works on a secret project for the next 3 years, he will receive 100 million dollars. The only catch being that after the 3 years are up, Jennings memory will be erased and he will have no idea what he worked on. As expected, Jennings accepts the deal and returns to his life 3 years later, but nothing is that simple. Soon everyone from the FBI to bounty hunters show up trying to get to him, and the only clues he has come from an envelope he sent himself, containing 19 random items that seem to have little or no value. Ben Affleck stars and by this point we all know how I feel about him. Affleck is a terrific Director, who seems to have little interest in acting anymore. Paycheck however is a 2003 film, a time before Affleck had proven himself and he shows that rare charisma that is only present in his real early work. His performance is outstanding and aided further by his chemistry with co-star Uma Thurman. Thurman is another performer who I find isn't very good unless she's in very specific type of role, and fortunately for Affleck, this is one of those roles. Paycheck is missing the big signature associated with Dick's work and will be somewhat disappointing to his fans. I did miss the futuristic element, but I was intrigued by the mystery Jennings was trying to solve and the 19 items. Combined with the action sequences, (that are always top notch) Paycheck isn't what I expected, but was still very well done and definitely worth watching.

Colin S (kr) wrote: Neither funny, nor entertaining. Although the "how do they make it so real" after the beheading scene was going in the right direction.