Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score.

After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score. Then he discovers they want a 'favor' from him in return. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abdulmalik A (au) wrote: A film with great characters, laughs and earned emotion, Not Suitable isn't a revolutionary film, but it does what most of its romantic ilk doesn't: it actually works.

Caitlin L (it) wrote: An interesting look into an amazing sport.

Wendy L (it) wrote: Despite bad reviews, we really enjoyed this movie. It was a reminder of Lawrence of Arabia.

Corey C (it) wrote: Although a bit too slight, Stolen takes a fascinating true story and crafts it into a sly thriller with a nice dash of history mixed in. How easy it seems it is to steal thirteen priceless painting and how sad it is that these peice could be lost forever. This is a piece of film that sometimes takes entertainment liberties but allows for its cast of characters and story to shine through. It also leaves you wanting more from the director who could have a very interesting future ahead.

Trevor E (es) wrote: Its a tripped out movie

Tinouche N (it) wrote: "adam baraye do se nafari minevisse ke doreshan va dusseshun dare va nemidunan ke baa ye jomle mitunan che aassun adam ro be khaak beneshunan"

Dimity P (us) wrote: Eh, I knew this film was supposed to have some sort of big life-affirming message, but I wasn't that impressed. The guy performing fellatio on himself in the intro-now that was impressive.

Shane H (nl) wrote: My favorite Chris farley film.

Coco (jp) wrote: ive seen a lot of movies!

Steve E (fr) wrote: How this Movie gets 4 stars totally puzzles me. It borders on amateur filmmaking. The script is awful, and the acting is poor. Dennehy is not a bad actor but here he is not well directed. There is no real sense of dread and the Movie leaves out many details from the real story of John Wayne Gacy. I was very dissapointed, before seeing the Movie I thought it was going to be good, because of Dennehy. It just proves the point that Stars don't necessarily make the film good. My rating is no stars.

Jamie E (br) wrote: a horrible film. may be revolutionary at the time but that does not excuse it for being incredibly boring, awful dialogue, irritating editing and possibly the worst soundtrack i have ever heard. the only redeeming quality is its main actor. apart from thats its just tragic

Philip L (br) wrote: A lot of people seem to hate this movie, and I guess I can see why, but I thought Larry Fessenden did a superb job telling the dramas of family connection (or lack there of) while using the myth of the wendigo as a back drop. The cinematography right from the start sucked me in. Beautiful snowy landscapes littered with decrepit dead trees. The atmosphere was very well done. So odd to the point I can't even explain it. And the images of the wendigo were very haunting and surreal. It's a shame that most people shrug this off as a lame attempt at a horror movie. Because when watched with the right eyes it's a film that succeds on a few levels and a film, at least to me, that is very effective.

Blke W (jp) wrote: Pretty ccol doco combining all the dirty horrah in motocycle racing from the americas. Stars more than a few top racing names of the era and creates a stage for the catagory of racing there in there excellence in. Using these mini bio`s as foundations to describe this... fun turned mad man competition for the wrong person it both shuns and hurts the viewer with laughter as these Guys get to the top and face first bottom of there league.

Gavin P (kr) wrote: Arguably a classic, this certainly has some great skits, such as the breadroll-fork-feet and the house-balancing-on-a-cliff. But, at 68min, it doesn't really hold up as a cohesive film. Still, plenty of laughs at Chaplin's pratfalls and hijinks.

Joel A (br) wrote: The forgettable depression era action film staring Bruce Willis, many say this film is an American Version of Yojimbo but regardless this is an ordinary film.Yes it has a lot of action but the story is a little dull it don't matter how cool Bruce Willis is if the script sucks it won't happen on screen.It's a watchable film but nothing memorable best thing about it would Christopher Walken. Over the top action & far from compelling story, approach with caution.

wyatt c (de) wrote: Surprisingly exiting movie for having zero dialogue and sound other than music.