Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score.

After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score. Then he discovers they want a 'favor' from him in return. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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nasibe k (jp) wrote: comedies film of the year!!! :-D

Freddie K (ag) wrote: "Oops..."This is the best nightmare I've ever dreamt127 hours is written and directed by Danny Boyle and tells the real life story of Aron Ralston, who survived miraculously after having his arm lodged between a rock and a canyon in Utah.Off the bat, this film is absolutely breathtaking to look at. A combination of blue, yellow and orange lighting merges together to give a beautifully comforting palette to our fallen 'hero'. A wave of fever dreams, tied with a tightly knotted bow of regret and self deprivation add for what is the scariest film I've ever seen, which is not a horror. Danny Boyle has an incredible talent for mixing stylised and yet somehow believably realistic imagery in his movies with the perfection of Jon Harris's editing. James Franco plays Aron Ralston swiftly and comfortably, he slots in to what you'd expect his portrayal of typical movie douchebags to be, and then bitch slaps the daylight out of your expectations when you cry and wince at this man's pure, unfiltered suffering. At times, the movie is oddly comforting as it flashes back and forward in time between his memories, alluring hallucinations of differences he'd like to make and the pain and silence that he can't in an instant. Nature is gorgeous you know, but only in patches.The only problem I can think of this film, is that well, you can't really develop a tour de force of dialogue because it's so simplistic yet layered with complexities that only the viewer can experience. It's not a language achievement, but a language of the heart and instinct? A star. Danny Boyle is making you itch in your seat, meaning it's not a particularly nice viewing, you can't watch this film like you watch any old film.Absolutely mesmerising.A+95/100

Marta R (gb) wrote: A little far fetched with all Gerard Butler was capable of doing... but he certainly got his point across!!

Matt S (gb) wrote: Barney Rosset is a "true American hero" to me. He was prosecuted in court over and over again as his company Grove Press published important works like Henry Miller's "Tropic Of Cancer" and William S. Burroughs' "Naked Lunch." He relentlessly fought for freedom of speech and against the puritanical hypocrites across this country, truly making me believe that freedom isn't free.

Thomas P (mx) wrote: A few laughs and a few creative ideas, but overall nothing special. Seemed a bit formulaic and light.

Maineutral R (it) wrote: Batman left the darkness and went to an averaqe animated movie. The story has a very unconvincing resolution and it simply doesn't catch anyone's attention. Dissapointing? Yes.

Dean M (ca) wrote: The acting between Robin Tunney and Henry Thomas is excellent, but it's not enough to redeem what is yet another young-outlaw-lovers-on-the-run film.

Rebecca P (es) wrote: I saw this at a drive in when it came out. Gerard Depardieu is a darling (sigh). The ending was so touching.

Andrew M (br) wrote: Certainly not the worst of the series, The Final Frontier has the most heart.

cli o (it) wrote: no thanks not my thing

(es) wrote: I've seen this film before. I got to about the same place in the movie that I did the first time and couldn't take it any longer. Slow moving and ultra-realistic to the point of being not cinema. The characters, especially the goofball played by Busey, are TOO realistic. I liked Hoffman, Bates, and Walsh the most.There's no humor in this movie at all. It's like being flushed down the toilet with no hope of popping back up. It's aggravating. You want to strike out at the screen and punch the characters in the mouth. Having said all of that, Hoffman is terrific. Every time this guy smiles or laughs it makes you feel good. He makes the movie tolerable. . .for a while. Hoffman is great in the film, but even HE doesn't look like he's having a good time filming it. Stanton may be good in the film, but I never get far enough into it to find out. The scenes in the can factory are ugly and annoying. The seventies clothing is hysterical. I don't get the sense I'm in Los Angeles either. They could have filmed this somewhere in Kentucky and saved money. Think of how New York was a "character" in Midnight Cowboy. They could have done something like that. Anyways, boring movie with the exception of Hoffman, and in the end, even he can't drag this out of the mundane muck.

Eduardo C (kr) wrote: It is obvious Kurosawa thoroughly hated guns. He relished the age when men settled duels with "fair" swordfights. And this film ends with a necessary but highly disturbing epic duel. The necessity of it completely disturbs Sanjuro, because he sees his adversary as being just like himself. This is a thoroughly entertaining samurai adventure thriller only slightly marred by some cartoonish hard to believe scenes, such as the scene in which the 9 novice samurai bumpkins foolishly mistrust Sanjuro , which forces him to kill about two dozen men singlehanded all at once. He aligns himself with these 9 because his intuition tells him it is the "right" thing to do, and because he senses the greatness of their trapped leader. It is great fun to see these 9 follow him around like ducklings despite his constant scorn and condescension towards them. Kurosawa's great humanity comes through with 2 characters. The fat woman they rescue appears useless but she ends up being the wisest of them all, second only to their trapped leader. And the "prisoner" they capture, whom Sanjuro initially orders to be executed only to be refuted by the fat woman, refuses to escape after being freed by the fat woman. In one of the greatest scenes in all of Kurosawa's films the "prisoner" celebrates with the 9 novices, only to realize suddenly what he is doing, and without saying a word goes back to the place where he is being kept prisoner. So yes, the violence is essentially cartoonish, but it is thoroughly entertaining, and the end Sanjuro is so utterly fed up with having killed so many, he practically vows to himself he will never kill again by repeating the words the fat woman say upon meeting him. She told him "good swords are kept in their sheaths" .

Luc L (de) wrote: One of the worst supernatural film.