Seeking Temporary Wife

Seeking Temporary Wife

Frederik is a happy man; he has a girlfriend he loves, a business running smoothely and he is going to be a father. But his happiness proves false. At a party, his girlfriend declares that ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:adoption,   love,   sex,  

Frederik is a happy man; he has a girlfriend he loves, a business running smoothely and he is going to be a father. But his happiness proves false. At a party, his girlfriend declares that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (gb) wrote: "Miral" starts with Bertha(Vanessa Redgrave) introducing Hind Husseini(Hiam Abbass) to Edward Smith(Willem Dafoe) at the American Colony Hotel in Palestine in 1947. That introduction comes in handy decades later with Edward, now a colonel in the United States Army, being able to navigate Israeli roadblocks for Hind who now runs an orphanage. Meanwhile, Nadia(Yasmine Al Massri) looks elsewhere for shelter to escape the abuse she suffers at home and ends up in a seedy strip club before getting six months for headbutting a woman on a bus. In jail, she shares a cell with Fatima(Ruba Blal), a terrorist, who intrudoces her to her brother(Alexander Siddig) who Nadia marries on her release. And that's how Miral(Freida Pinto) enters the story... As a director, Julian Schnabel has a way of utilizing his skills as an artist to give his films a unique beauty. At the same time, he has a way of getting tripped up by politics and that could not be any truer than with "Miral." Either, he ignores them altogether when he intercuts a bombing with Polanski's "Repulsion" which is getting a little cutesy for my tastes. Or else Schnabel is as subtle as having a boulder dropped on your head. And I say that, even though I am on his side when it comes to the subject of Palestinian independence. Nor does it help in going over the familiar terrain of 40 years of history that he cannot decide who the movie should be about, Hind or Miral, as neither have much in common with each other, outside of their nationality. One place where Schnabel succeeds is in his insight that there is a difference in the attitudes of generations of Palestinians. Whereas the earlier generation may have been more accommodating, the younger generation is more willing to fight, resulting in the First Infitada.

Trouble S (ca) wrote: A brilliant piece of French cinema. Reno and Kad are excellent. You like action? You will like this one.

June Luna W (ca) wrote: Cute books, bad movie.

Maureen W (us) wrote: Loved this movie....although it is a very sad. Unfortunately, that is the world over in Africa today.

Angela G (br) wrote: a bunch of yuppy childhood friends get together to attend a friend's suicide, in which they shortly after get infested by flies that take over each of their bodies one by one, giving them superhuman strength, immortality of sorts (although they're zombies who just stand in the yard usually) and enjoy 80's music. the entire premise was ridiculous but was completely overshadowed by the horrible dialogue and script. most of the actors are vaguely familiar, such as the dude from gremlins, (zach galligan), robert duncan mcneill and mark margolis. preposterous, awful, these words come to mind.

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Al M (it) wrote: I like this film, but you have to view it as a giallo farce. The film is rather funny especially with its freezer that steadily fills with bodies hung up like slabs of beef.

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Jared H (gb) wrote: great story good cinematography

Fred M (us) wrote: El barrio chino es el pasado que se repite, se pretende superarlo pero uno vuelve a cometer los mismos errores: tener la certeza de estar bien encaminado, hacer el ridculo a gran escala y asimilar con horror que una vez ms todo se fue al carajo. En un instante se desmorona lo que se vino construyendo con la confianza de estar haciendo bien las cosas, y no hay marcha atrs. La msica es un encanto, te lleva a un estado de ensueo desde la primera nota del bronce que da inicio a la pelcula. La historia avanza a paso firme mientras los hechos del crimen se van enmaraando y de a poco perdemos la nocin del lugar que ocupa el protagonista en toda la chacota. 9/10

Harry W (ru) wrote: As another critically panned film adaptation of a video game, Double Dragon sounded like a film that would be so dumb it was fun.If anyone is likely to enjoy Double Dragon, I figured it would be me. That's because I enjoy guilty fighting movie pleasures and was never familiar with the Double Dragon video game series, and so therefore I would not be likely to find many concerns with the quality of the story's dedication to the source material. But even then with the low standards I went in with, I still found Double Dragon to be of poor calibre. It was far from one of the worst video game film adaptations because it had too much of a small budget to be overblown in the slightest.Double Dragon is a low budget production with a ludicrous science fiction plot about teenagers fighting through society which makes it feel largely like a massive rip-off of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. This is helped by the fact that the film is very campy in nature and ridiculous with its character designs and general moods. The problem is that Double Dragon is so bent on telling its story that it gets in the way of the potential the film had to be dumb fun. This is disappointing because the over the top campy energy of the film really gave it an edge which is likely to appeal to certain viewers. Things moved along at a fast pace during the more active moments of the film which are when it is at its best, but at any other time Double Dragon puts all the reliability on its poorly conceived script which sticks viewers with a poorly crafted story and weak dialogue. There are no strong characters in the film, just a bunch of gimmicky actors disguised as them, decked out in a variety of colourful yet generic costumes and dragged through a lot of strange situations. Double Dragon is a very short film and has too little running time to get caught up telling its weak story, but it goes and does that anyway which is the main flaw in the film because it shows that director James Yukich takes the feature way too seriously, even though it's a story about two teenagers fighting the oppression of a crime lord to maintain the power of a magic medallion. If you've never heard the name of that director before, don't be surprised.In taking on a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers type of film style, Double Dragon takes its low budget and spends it all on prop pieces and special effects which pays off to a certain extent because the setting of the film is somewhat convincing in a campy way. If the film took advantage of that more instead of taking itself so damn seriously then perhaps it could have captured a Power Ranger type of fun to it without going overboard like Street Fighter did. Since that doesn't happen and the script is so bereft of humour aside from a few terrible gags spread out across the board at a sporadic rate, it is clear that Double Dragon is just a bad film.The main reason I watched Double Dragon was for the fighting scenes, but they largely suffered the same fate as the first Mortal Kombat film. The action is too tame and the fighting is not creative or fast enough to make any really entertaining kind of impact, yet at the same time they are not campy enough to qualify as being funny. The line between these two themes is never found in the fighting scenes, and despite the presence of some talented fighters, Double Dragon ends up Double Draggin' itself down with lacklustre action scenes and an insufficient quantity of them at the same time. There are some fun moments, but overall they are soft and repetitive fighting scenes which really lack in any sort of spirit good enough to entertain. I was somewhat impressed that the film went a long way on a small budget which is something that a lot of people can no longer do, but Double Dragon gets too caught up in its thin story and weak script to put the focus where it should be.The leading performances of Scott Wolf and Marc Dacascos are decent because while neither of them have good characters, the two of them maintain energetic and childish demeanours in the parts of Billy and Jimmy Lee. They work together well with a friendly chemistry and manage to fit the profile of the cheesy teenage heroes that the story demands. But what it really boils down to is the fact that the two of them are well cast based on their fighting abilities. While they have cheesy comic energy which works through the material, the thing which gives the roles to them is their abilities to handle the action scenes well. With a quick wit about the both of them and the ability to through punches and kicks with style and speed, Scott Wolf and Marc Dacascos do their part to elevate the action in Double Dragon beyond its limitations. They can only go so far, but what it boils down to is the fact that they both prove to be strong casting decisions and assets to the small amount of entertainment value that Double Dragon has to boast about.Robert Patrick's ridiculous over the top antics are so silly that they end up being somewhat entertaining at times. With the entire film being absent of fun characters, Robert Patrick stands out for his esoteric design and cheesy over the top line delivery. Like some kind of campy dark Edward Norton, Robert Patrick says every weak line with a ridiculous amount of emphasis which means that he brings a sense of comedy to his role in the sense that it is so wrong that it is right. Robert Patrick makes a welcome addition to the cast in Double Dragon.The cameo from Michael Berryman was also a nice touch due to the fact that his appearance fits the profile for his role correctly.So while it is not one of the film adaptations of a video game, the colourful set pieces, decent cast members and cheesily fun visual effects of Double Dragon fail to compensate for its inability to embrace its campy potential or implement in action scenes of a good quantity or quality meaning that its gimmicks wear thin very fast.