Segretario particolare

Segretario particolare


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Isaac T (jp) wrote: I enjoy for the concert portion.

Camilo d (kr) wrote: Practicamente igual a la otra..... con lo rescatable que le da los diferentes tipos de animacin segn los recuerdos de los protagonistas.

Alberto M (au) wrote: Avoid this "movie". I repeat, AVOID THIS "MOVIE".

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 87%One of the greatest advantages of this film is that it atleast considers the enemies as humans other than many acclaimed and panned American war films that portray them as robots or simply men in arms who are out on the field just for killing. But this film fails to give the enemies a humane standard like all the other war films. One of the best characters in this film is that of Ed Harris, he is a vigilant, cunning as well as often cold hearted man( you can know that when he kills the boy who betrayed him).This film is inspired from Saving Private Ryan(1998). Actually there are a lot of original and realistic scenes in here. The film builds up real tension when they show you the hunt for the American sniper by the German one. When I saw this film, some scenes scared the hell out of me. This film is an underrated film. But the love story in this film is poorly developed and often predictible. The acting from the three leads is good. When a sniper kills a few main German leaders and a general, his comrades announce him as a hero for being an inspiration to fellow soldiers who are out there only to be killed in battle. News papers around that time are flooded by the news about their new hero. The news reaches the German camp and now it becomes a need for them to kill this sniper and inspire their men. This is actually a good thought for a film as it is the story of a random man who becomes a hero in the spoiled lands. But the love story should have either been avoided or should have been further polished.

Sarah F (es) wrote: i would like to see this

Zantiago M (fr) wrote: A devastating, unbearable, And yet an amazing adventure to see.

Flemming A (ru) wrote: Roger Corman is the King of old B-movies, able to make movies on the tightes budget, co-invented the "scream-queen" and made rules that the genre would follow.... this is campy and great! and the weird thing about this movie is its calmness, its laid back and centered around the stunning Miss Julie mixed up with some far out Mexcan actors... If B-movies and old skool sci fi is your thing, this is a treasure. The rest of you might get a good laugh and flip the channel.

Steve G (ca) wrote: Fascinating, but difficult to watch. Hard to believe that people could buy into such craziness so wholeheartedly. But then again, maybe it isn't...I dont think it would've convinced non nazis other than impressing upon the viewer their unity & strength of will.In that sense, i think Leni is right. it's not propaganda as much as it is historical. there is clearly pride, but i don't know that it is an attempt to win over non believers as much as it is to show them up.not in the way battleship potemkin simply showcases what were seen as the positive attributes of the party at the time, before the war. and those attributes are undeniable, as they brought the party to great heights of power & devotion. fervent nationalism.Its value is historical, & for if it should be seen, it would be for that reason.

jason h (br) wrote: not the best one of the series but reasonable enjoyable

D Z (fr) wrote: High-octane action, suspense and apes(of course) are what makes this excellent movie one of 2014's best, especially cause it has some pretty underrated actors.

Donald R (de) wrote: I enjoyed the movie and don't see the point of critics' objections or complaints. The movie was well done.