Segunda mano

Segunda mano

Mabel Domingo (Kris Aquino), the owner of a high-class, but creepy, antique shop, only wants herself and her mother to move on from the tragic past of losing her sister as she carries the guilt of causing her death. She meets Ivan Galvez (Dingdong Dantes), a rich and successful architect who only wants to find the perfect wife and mother for his young daughter Angel to finally have a complete and happy family after his ex-wife left for him for another man.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:statue,   umbrella,   murder,  

As the film begins, we see Owen (Rico Blanco) and Mariella (Angelica Panganiban) are fighting in a car by a lake. It appears that Owen has left his wife to be with Mariella, and is angry ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (nl) wrote: want to get upset with the gov, court system and some rancher in the desert? then this is the doc for you.

Wolfgang S (gb) wrote: Slightly less awful than BRIDESMAIDS, though that's hardly saying much.

Daniel P (es) wrote: With impeccable animation, intelligent writing, brilliant satire, a touching story, and plenty of fun and hilarity, everything about The Lego Movie is awesome.

MF J (kr) wrote: A good old comedy with plenty of funny characters & some great moments! A nice entertainment for the whole family.

Nathan C (au) wrote: Amazing movie. Saw world premier, read the book, love the story. What passion and dedication.

a (mx) wrote: Don't be fooled by the extremely cool opening song. This film stinks...

BLACTACULAR (nl) wrote: Interesting relationships....

Paul B (us) wrote: Shot in black and white, this simple, poignant film tells the tale of one man's struggle to break the chains that bind him to a life of drink, servitude, and irresponsibility. Set in the racialised south of 1960s America, and written and directed by two Jewish filmmakers, this is one of the best movies I've seen on how racial prejudice stifles manhood, destroys families, and shatters communities. With stellar performances from the two main leads, Ivan Dixon and jazz singer, Abbey Lincoln, this should be compulsory viewing in Sociology lessons and film schools. Excellent.

Lauren C (nl) wrote: haha definitely not that great... but oh, Anthony Perkins. He's even better when he's not clinically insane! =) Sophia Loren seems overrated to me... but I haven't seen her in but two or three movies. Burl Ives was rather good... but his voice kept bringing me back to those old, chilly days where I was planted in front of the TV watching Frosty and other Christmas claymations...

Shayna S (es) wrote: Worth it for the dancing. But, kind of long winded plot wise

Andy G (ag) wrote: OK thriller with little possession in it for horror movie. C+ (2014)

Jessica S (au) wrote: Extremely emotional movie, this film adaptation of the book is pretty on par. You are not sure who to love or hate and then performances are heart wrenching. This movie will stick with you long after you finish watching.

Joshua D (jp) wrote: Looks interesting.... "Degeneration" was ok and in comparison to W.S. Andersons Movies actually pretty good, so I hope this will be good to.

Tim R (de) wrote: Grotesque over the top Lynchian lunacy. I loved it and hated that I loved it.