Sei mong se jun

Sei mong se jun

Jiney is a talented student of Arts with a trauma in her childhood and lack of communication with her mother, and excellent photographer that is not satisfied with her awarded works. When ...

Jiney is a talented student of Arts with a trauma in her childhood and lack of communication with her mother, and excellent photographer that is not satisfied with her awarded works. When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (nl) wrote: No scares,and bad acting...great combo for a horror movie.

Bruno V (mx) wrote: Alright , back to action and suspense and allready a keeper , great to see how a man on the ground can change by phonecalles ... to give him and his family a better future .

Adam M (fr) wrote: The Smith family have a dark past and live pretty much in the middle of nowhere. One night a seemingly wise gentleman from the South(of the USA innit!) says he got lost driving around and request's a room for the night. The smiths reluctantly agree but soon regret that. But what the Smiths visitor didn't expect was the daughter of the family being more of a nutcase than him! The Bleeding House does have some good tension throughout and decent performances to and is something a bit different from your usual horror fare. It kind of works as a low budget You're Next so if you loved that film as much as I did then The Bleeding House is worth checking out!

James H (de) wrote: X-men first class did well to revitalise what was a dying franchise. The casting is perfect, I love it from McAvoy and Fassbender to Rose Bryne and Jennifer Lawrence, the cast is brilliant. The screenplay is good as well and the story is well weaved into the timeline. Kevin Bacon's villain is compelling (I can't remember Bacon ever playing a villain in anything else) and the social issues of being a mutant are well displayed in this too. Impressed.

Chucky (ca) wrote: March 28th 2012July 28th 2013

PieterJan V (fr) wrote: A decent drama with a good Forest Whitaker.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Darwin U (gb) wrote: This is the greatest movie in history! I can't believe why so many dislike this awesome film. I gave it a 10 on imdb! This is Sci-Fi's best original.

Nair F (fr) wrote: As a juvenile delinquent turned bipolar sensitive UCLA FILM STUDIES student, the range Depp offers in such at times gloomy which is my niche as a buff is too surreal

Sylvester K (us) wrote: I think it's a wonderful follow up to the cult classic- Welcome to the Dollhouse. It was once again, darkly humored, right from the very beginning of the film, you can already feel the macabre. Very typically Jewish but very fresh and original. Aviva is basically another Dawn, with a different storyline and different actors. I think it's quite unique in the way that 8 different actors played the same role. Also the title of the film really does get into you and you would see how clever it is. Fans would enjoy it but others may not.

David Ray G (es) wrote: ~Brad buddy, R.I.P. Heroin kills~

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Decent suspense thriller where 2 schoolgirls accuse their teacher of sexually abusing them

Nate T (gb) wrote: Solid, deliberately paced western boasts strong acting and a wry sense of humor. It may be hit or miss though depending on your opinion of the stars, director, story and pacing.

Murilo A (au) wrote: O filme de estreia de Cronenberg, um grito profetico de uma brilhante carreira que ainda estava por vir.

rosina c (mx) wrote: this is the first movie i have seen with elvis. I thought it was fun. I really like this era of movies.

Sara H (ag) wrote: Absolutely priceless!

Jeremy M (mx) wrote: One I grew up on. I can still sing lots of the songs!

Lucas Y (jp) wrote: Messy script and very silly at times, but one my top 5 action movies ever. The silliness is made up for by the sick & twisted feel and brilliant direction by John Woo. The 2 leads are awesome, but Nicolas Cage is perfect as both Archer and Troy. Face Off is timeless awesomeness.

Westleigh Q (ag) wrote: Two firemen from Arkansas stumble upon a treasure map, but end up crossing a St. Loius gang when they go searching for it. The result is a tense stand-off inside an abandoned old building. When the gold is found and a hostage is taken, loyalties are tested on both sides. Trespass is interesting in that it's a bottle film, almost the entire movie takes place in a single location. It's the setting and the situation that define the film, rather than the writing or the acting. Fans of Panic Room will enjoy.

Tracey M (it) wrote: Despite Sasha Cohen's horrible acting it was a cute movie.