Seinto Seiya: Tenkai-hen joso - Overture

Seinto Seiya: Tenkai-hen joso - Overture

Hades is defeated and Seiya can't wake up from the wounds of that battle, Saori is taking care of him away from the city; meanwhile Artemis comes to earth and claims the lifes of bronze saints for killing a God.

After the bloody battle against Hades, goddess Athena's Saints are still recovering when they find themselves face to face with their newest and most formidable foe: the dreadful goddess Artemis, accompanied by her Angels. Artemis replaces Athena as the Earth guardian deity and takes over the Sanctuary, turning Athena's Saints into her servants. Upon invading the Sanctuary, the Bronze Saints learn that Athena was banished by Artemis and decide to fight the moon goddess in order to rescue their true goddess and free the Earth from Artemis's ominous control. The movie focuses mostly on Seiya and Athena, as the other Bronze Saints are not seen as much; they only appear during their respective fights with the other Angels, and briefly towards the end. However, Eagle Marin also appears, as do Ophiuchus Shaina, Unicorn Jabu, and Hydra Ichi, though the latter 3 are just cameos. The movie also has a very ambiguous ending, with many plot points and danglers unresolved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica V (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first by any means.

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