Seize the Day

Seize the Day

Tommy Wilhelm (Robin Williams) is a salesman. An honest, hard-working guy who has lost his job, his girlfriend, and left part of his sanity behind as he heads to New York to pick up the pieces of his life. He's always been able to sell, but caught in a downward spiral, he must, in addition, face the father who never really understood him, while trying to balance his newly precarious existence.

Tommy Wilhelm (Robin Williams) is a salesman. An honest, hard-working guy who has lost his job, his girlfriend, and left part of his sanity behind as he heads to New York to pick up the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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D M (gb) wrote: A group of party-girls and their boyfriends arrive at a lakeside cabin in the country for a weekend of fun. (Of course there's no cell phone service.) Soon, the titular characters start to attack. The script contains some funny lines and the film was better produced than many of this ilk. More than a few scares, the twists and turns kept it good through the very end. Cortney Palm was super hot! Worth a view.

Nabanita S (ca) wrote: Mesmerizing cinematography, few tender words and a generous amount of starry eyed romance.

Leslie D (fr) wrote: Crazed killer leaps from the screen during a midnight showing in a theater. Cheap but decent slasher.

Wayne T (us) wrote: A strange and hypnotic movie with a kick ass soundtrack featuring the group BISHOP ALLEN. Unfortunately not everyone will enjoy this movie as much as I did. RECOMMENDED!

David B (ru) wrote: bad boy bubby thats some fucked up shit right there. australian indie film. see it

Miuho K (au) wrote: " I've heard that there's a kind of bird without legs that can only fly and fly, and sleep in the wind when it is tired. The bird only lands once in its life... that's when it dies. ""I used to think there was a kind of bird that, once born, would keep flying until death. The fact is that the bird hasn't gone anywhere. It was dead from the beginning. "

Stevie S (fr) wrote: These people were incredibly stupid! They were just fartin' around their little town putting on kiddie plays and going to church, pretending shit's normal. They survived for MONTHS after the bombs. They didn't have to stay there and die off one by one. I know they were trying to make the movie as depressing as humanly possible, but it still didn't make much sense. Kevin Costner had the right idea: get the hell outta Dodge! Who knew he used to be Mr. Smartypants? The town didn't start getting sick for quite some time, and none of them had any rad burns, which lead me to believe that their food/water was contaminated. However, the scene where homegirl is rubbing her face in dirt screaming all kinds of nonsense, makes it seem like the soil was radioactive. Which I guess makes sense, since they were burying the bodies instead of burning them. Whatever though, they shoulda just booked it from the fallout instead of waiting for daddy to come home.

Private U (nl) wrote: loved it. a surprising plot for the era it was created

janet a (au) wrote: this film is absolute crap. if every character were wiped out it would be no loss. avoid!

Patryk C (it) wrote: Beat the Devil is like a noir spoof that didn't work out very well. It mixes genres with no particular sense. Although filled with great actors and their remarkably humorous and performances as various oddballs, it disappoints with its bleak, and simple adventure story. As harsh as it may seem at first, it's one of those Humphrey Bogart movies that aren't necessarily meant to be remembered.