Sejtanov ratnik

Sejtanov ratnik

When an ancient book is recovered by a highschool nerd Stanislav all hell brakes loose involving his classmates who try to stop the evil that has risen from it.

Trouble usually starts when the power falls into the wrong hands. That's how the book that hides an ancient evil fell to Stanislav. It does not matter whether Stanislav is a nice guy who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tara S (br) wrote: it was alright it wasnt scary bad acting

Randy Joe W (mx) wrote: Rex Harrison is awesome.

Riccardo Antonio R (kr) wrote: even Demi Moore's body couldn't save this film

Paul A (it) wrote: it was a funny movie, i enjoyed it, could have been funnier though.

Ibraheem M (br) wrote: I certainly agree with this -> "Let's be honest, the only reasons to watch this movie are Jennifer Connelly in a skintight tank top rollerskating and riding an electric pony."

Sam M (es) wrote: Funny and stupid a fair bit, but it works.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: The second ride contains improved special effects by being more realistic as in away from being cheesy while going more into the mythology, but it's wackier and less fun, even though it's a good standalone sequel. (B)(Full review coming soon)