Sektor 236

Sektor 236

A Squad of elite commandos is lost in the Swedish wilderness during a secret mission. A tactical unit is sent out to investigate. I the meanwhile a group of hikers enter the area. Their phones suddenly loses reception and the compasses stops working. One after the other they start to disappear.

A Squad of elite commandos is lost in the Swedish wilderness during a secret mission. A tactical unit is sent out to investigate. I the meanwhile a group of hikers enter the area. Their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kisaan T (fr) wrote: After Gulaal and Dev D, I thought I would get something bigger and extra - original from Anurag Kashyap. I remember in one interview he was asked that audiences are traumatized after watching his films, and he replied "Someone has to do it", But this film does not shows that fire of the narration of story as seen in 'Black Friday' and 'Gulaal'. I think he decided to direct this film in a relaxed state when he got the praise and applaud for his previous films. This film was an Indian feature of spoiled father and daughter's relationship, which Hollywood and many other cinemas have shown plenty of times in a much better way, so although trying to be unconventional this one settles its rank with the average predictable and bizarre drama. Performances Of Course comes as a Fixed Assets in Anurag's films, particularly Gulshan Devaiya's role as some south speaking gangster, but he has only two scenes in the movie.Then also I am waiting for his next films, I have heard their titled "Gangs of Wasseypur". "Bombay Velvet", and also he is directing a superhero film called "Doga"

Hen K (gb) wrote: I don't like horror/thriller's, but I was thoroughly entertained by this one! Was very surprised.

Jere W (kr) wrote: Lovely story of humanity helping each other.

Jenny S (jp) wrote: small story, simple wisdom.

Quaji I (us) wrote: One of the worst films I've ever seen. 118 minutes of torture.

Silvia O (ru) wrote: This movie makes something unique and special out of a handful of nothing-special everyday-life scenes, and I think that's simply amazing.By the way, the American trailer you can see on this page is awful. Don't let it change your mind about seeing this movie.

Luc T (gb) wrote: Bad movie. Don't watch it.

Markus K (de) wrote: Very good film. Not your usual Van Damme film, I mean, sure, JCVD still has to show his buttocks once, but there is no martial arts, no funny/annoying sidekicks etc.Movie looks good, and most of the actors do fine job. It is shame, that historical crap, like Troy and Alexander got so much attention, money and wide distribution, but this little gem went straight to video. With some script polishing (there is truckloads of cliches here), bigger budget and theater release, this could have been one of the better historical war movies ever. And I wouldn't mind even if it had been longer, say 20 minutes. I was yearning more of the stuff in fortress, more battles, and more depth to the enemies.This also proofs, that Van Damme can make serious (and much bigger) movies, with story and character acting. But he doesn't seem to get those chances, due his reputation as muscled action hero. It's a shame.Could have been great, maybe one of the best, now it is just damn good. Just.

Eric H (kr) wrote: This is exactly what is missing in modern (particularly post-80s)horror films. Take note, young Sam Raimi wannabes... Gore and pointless nudity are not enough to make a true cult classic. This movie is a prime example as it contains no real gore and only a little nudity- and it's done for horror value more than cheap arousal. This movie epitomizes the weird plotting and over-the-top social commentary of the old B-flicks. I still can't say I fully understand what exactly the metaphysical reality is that was being portrayed... but I do know what it was in rebellion against- and that's what counts. The weirdness of the plot will keep you hooked in, much in the way of a Lovecraft story (the kind of horror story that usually doesn't do well on film). And you'll be asking questions at the end.

Kim B (ca) wrote: This romantic comedy was actually pretty funny. I really enjoyed both character's and thought they were a perfect match together. I liked that the girl had some spirit about her and was funny too. It was interesting to watch their love slowly develop and then of course it had lots of twists and turns at the ending. At some parts it was a little slow, but overall it was entertaining and charming.

Chrisanne S (de) wrote: Love Milland in this sort of stuff, Douglas is always good, and Collins isn't Lt. Tragg!

Ben V (nl) wrote: Even worse than Pixar's Cars

Claudette A (it) wrote: I don't know if kids will enjoy this. They might get a bit spooked out by the monsters.