'Selam' is a Turkish movie that tells the impressive stories of three Turkish teachers who are idealists working at schools opened by Turkish entrepreneurs on three different continents and in three different countries: Afghanistan, Senegal, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This story is based on true events that has been in progress for more than 20 years in which a number of young people in love of peace and humanity leave their countries to teach, help and live in countries they have never heard of before. This is the story of people who live for their ideals and other people before themselves, and who leave their families, loves, friends, countries behind. They set on this pet just with the inspiration of the words which said "A couple of eyes are waiting for you here, but thousands of eyes are waiting in faraway lands." They had sacrifice and kindness in their bags, love in their hearts and a smiling Selam (greetings) in their tongues. - Written by Akif Okumus

This epic story is based on true events that has been in progress for more than 20 years in which a number of young people in love of peace and humanity leave their countries to teach, help... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie G (de) wrote: Everyone has been told this is based on the true events leading up to the capture and of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. A little slow at times as others have stated but stay with it and it's worth the watch. On a personal note if that's all they really are doing to terrorists they best be glad someone like "Maya" is there doing the terrorizing and I'm not in charge bc that's not enough IMO. People commenting are saying they're upset with the torture that's shown in this movie. So it's ok I guess that THEIR form of torture is BEHEADING and filming the act and sending it to the entire world?Among other things. The people who were trained by Osama are STILL terrorizing the entire world after he's long been dead and all their punishment is they have to be naked in front of a woman? They feel like but aren't actually drowned?Oh suck it up buttercup and cry me a river! Water boarding would be the least of their worries. They are the worst of the worst kind of prisoners and never were Americans. They despise us. So how can people say that we're violating their civil rights when they don't have civil rights to begin with based on just those 2 things alone? Prisoners have no civil rights IMO. You commit a crime, you give up your civil rights. That is if we still had these prisoners but now thanks to our fearless Muslim leader he's given them all back for a traitor American who IMO should never be allowed in this country again! Are there any left he hasn't set free for some reason or another? This movie needs a sequel to tell what's happened as a result of the capture and killing of Osama not just how his capture happened. It's not the usual type of movies I watch as I'm not into war movies but I enjoyed this film ALOT! Have seen it several times since it has come out and have never been more proud of our military who rooted him out of his hole. Yes it may have taken 10yrs, I fully believe that Pakistan knew he was there so i don't trust them and think we should nuke all the countries Al Quaeda still exists. We sent a bomb to Hiroshima and haven't had a problem out of Japan since have we? So nuke Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and all the countries in between. Flatten them to nothing for everything they've done to not only America but the rest of the world and we won't have a problem with them anymore either. It would make for a great sequel to this movie. Problem solved.

John W (gb) wrote: End of WWII love story set in the Slovakian mountains. Nicely done but the pace left us feeling bored.

Mandeep S (jp) wrote: Juhi and SRK make a good comedy pair.The script was well written and acting was well done. But even this and SRK factor could not help this movie at BO. :/

Kyle W (kr) wrote: interesting and funny

Renee H (es) wrote: One of my favorite films! I wish it were available on DVD.

Johnny F (nl) wrote: I remember loving this movie!

Marta K (mx) wrote: Knowing something is a cult film before watching can create too much expectation and thereby destroy the experience. This time it didn't. wonderful colours and idea, and first time I appreciated a character played by Vin Diesel. Recommended for sci-fi and dark vampire films fans! (I know there are no vampires, but it evokes very vampiric connotations)