Self Helpless

Self Helpless

Follows four misguided friends as they head into the heart of Mexico in search of a great and all-knowing guru.

Follows four misguided friends as they head into the heart of Mexico in search of a great and all-knowing guru. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George B (br) wrote: It would of been better if it was it's own movie instead of trying to imitate Leprechaun

Mike B (de) wrote: Silly, ridiculous, and obvious despite attempts to twist and turn into something clever.

Jason W (fr) wrote: It was a good movie. Just had some low points that were boring. But it was a good movie.

J L (fr) wrote: Just because this movie has a full cast of wonderful actors doesn't make it a good movie. The message is great (better healthcare), and the examples of what happens to the people in the film who do not have health insurance is needed to see, BUT, it was slow and depressing.

Tyler R (gb) wrote: I don't usually like sports time movies. But this one was solid. Great cast of actors and the storyline was fun. Great fight scenes.

Diego T (au) wrote: This movie is beautiful to experience. The visuals are, in the most understated sense, magical. About 8 minutes I stopped caring about what was real and what was special effects, because everything just looked impossibly spectacular. The real feat of the movie is the sensual opera of sight and sound it created. The movement, color pallette and attention to detail is gorgeous. If I just watched all the action sequences without context, I would probably still be satisfied with the movie. The other aspects of the movie are just fair. The story may be formulaic, but there's nothing wrong with having a simple twisty plot. The only thing that really bothers me is that the film seems to be detached to its emotional center. The feelings of the characters are present, but they aren't discovered within their interaction or personalities, they just exist to be exposed and move the plot forward. This gets bothersome because a lot of time in the movie is given for us to try and accept these feelings, but in the end, we can't care genuinely enough for them to be concerned. Nonetheless, 'House of Flying Daggers' is a superb work of imagery. Is it worth watching again just to see pretty visuals? Certainly.

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: SaturdayDate: 6 Dec 2003Amt: 55 RsTime: 6.00pmOver at: 9.00pmWith: Azmina, Dada, Dadi, Duraiya Fai, Mom, Dad, AzeemTheatre: New Empire, MumbaiSeat No: U7 - U13Name: BAGHBANA good family movie.

Kevin E (fr) wrote: Seen this and didn't think much of it. The only good things were Rodriguez and bosworth in their bikinis thats about it. A very dire film and one I wont buy.

Matt K (nl) wrote: Joe Mantegna is amazing. The writing is great. This is a great film. The info on flixter is messed up though. I'm not sure why it's called "Homocide (2000)"

Cory T (gb) wrote: I have been immersed, somewhat, in the "farm-life scene", so I feel slightly credited with identifying the perfect atmosphere displayed here. Country life, although it is certainly not for me, does have an undeniable simplicity to it and "Tully" gets everything, in that respect, just right. This film tackles some tough issues that allow the characters to become rich and emotionally challenged against the rural Nebraska background. The title character is shallow and detached, but desperately looking for something more. He is naturally attractive, which allows for excessive female attention, but deep down he knows that will never make him happy. Tully and his younger brother, Earl, have assumed their mother died in a car accident when they were little when, in all actuality, she just abandoned the family. Now that she is dying of cancer, with her medical bills in the family farm's name, is forcing them to foreclose. This is the basic line of the plot and I explain it specifically because it strongly contrasts with the simplicity of these people's natural lives. The way these characters deal with the tragedies and hardships dealt to them is the heart of this film's success. Nothing in this movie feels "like a movie" and the gap between cinematic objective viewing and reality is bridged, thus opening the flood gate of respect for characters as rich and alive as anyone we know. That's the beauty of the movies.

Keira R (ru) wrote: You all know I LOVE Meryl! Well, she is great in this film, but I can't say that I loved this movie. In fact, barely liked it. While not overly sentimental, it has its moments. Did NOT like William Hurt's character, AT ALL! Tom Everett Scott is totally unnecessary too. NOT a fan of Renee Zellweger at all, but her performance was good enough. Also, the movie's supposed to take place in 1988, but the clothes aren't exactly from that time period. Kinda takes away from the movie for me.

Greg W (it) wrote: The only theatrical feature from Rankin/Bass

Connie H (kr) wrote: The movie the band got their name from. Boris Karloff narrates and starts in the third short film in this movie. It is a bit oddballish but hey it's a horror movie from the 60's, a lot of the horror film from the 1960's are odd.

David B (ag) wrote: Lancaster's fire and brimstone performance will send chills down your spine.

Jeff Y (us) wrote: Classic film noir and not your usual Fred MacMurray (some of his best work). Add to that a smokin' Barbara Stanwyck and let the fun begin. Recommended.

Cameron R (ca) wrote: One of Paul walker's best movies tied with a Running Scared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philip R (es) wrote: Before he scored big with the Sci-Fi/Disaster hits STARGATE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and 2012, German director Roland Emmerich replaced THE FUGITIVE director Andrew Davis to helm the Tri-Star/Carolco Pictures Action/Sci-Fi movie UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. Released in 1992, Two U.S. Army soldiers, the homeward bound Private Luc Devreaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the psychotic Sergeant Andrew Scott (Dolph Lundgren), kill each other during a deadly Confrontation in 1969 Vietnam. Twenty-Five Years Later, both Devreaux and Scott are brought back to life, along with a large group of other previously dead soldiers, for a secret government program of an elite counter terrorism unit called UniSols, aka Universal Soldiers. They are genetically enhanced, unstoppable killing machines without memory, feelings or free will. Meanwhile, a snoopy and cocky news reporter named Veronica Roberts (Ally Walker) stumbles upon the secret of the UniSols. But when Devreaux and Scott begin to regain patches of memory from their former lives, Devreaux escapes, along with Veronica, from the program, leading Scott to go on a blood lust chase across the west to find them and kill them. The film also stars Ed O?? Ross (Red Heat) as UniSol Commander in Charge Colonel Perry, Leon Rippy (Eight Legged Freaks) as UniSol technician Dr. Woodward Haynes, Tommy ??Tiny?? Lester (Friday) and Ralf Moeller (Ridley Scott??s Gladiator) as UniSols GR55 and GR74, and Jerry Orbach (TV??s Law and Order) as UniSol creator Dr. Christopher Gregor. I remember seeing this movie when I was a little kid and the only scene that I remember watching was the first part of the diner scene and that was it. I finally saw the whole movie when I was eighteen and I loved it. I had no idea that Emmerich directed this movie and I must say that this is one of the best films he has ever made next to Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012. Both Van Damme and Lundgren's performances were both awesome and fantastic, and the final scene between them at Van Damme's character's home was great. This was the final film that was to be recorded in CDS (Cinema Digital Sound), an early digital sound format that would later form to DTS. Mainstream critics dismissed the movie as a TERMINATOR 2 clone, or as a typical, mindless action film. While it was poorly received by other critics, the film grossed $10,057,084 from 1,916 theaters with a $5,249 per screen average and taking the 2nd spot. From there, it made $36,299,898 in US ticket sales, becoming a moderate hit. Overseas, it was much more popular, mostly opening at #1, making over $65 million overseas, which earned the film a total of $102 million worldwide, on a $23 million budget that was filmed throughout the state of Arizona and some interiors in Los Angeles during the late summer of 1991. UNIVERSAL SOLDIER is one of the best action movies I have ever seen and when you watch it, you'll love it too.

Marah R (nl) wrote: You can tell just how successful this film is by the effect it had on its viewers. They were filled with rage and hatred and sympathy to the characters and that explains a lot about the genuineness of the performances and well direction of the plot.

Gabe L (au) wrote: Watching this right now and it is awesome so far!