Semana da Asa

Semana da Asa


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:6 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Semana da Asa torrent reviews

Kimberly H (ag) wrote: I liked this movie because of the fact of the under cover cop working on trying to put someone away. The street racing scene was the best.

Lyndsay P (gb) wrote: Hilarious and a most excellent watch for crossword lovers. The documentary is an interesting watch for the average person, I'd think, up until the last twenty minutes. The endings editing definitely earned a -.5

Jason S (gb) wrote: the only thing good was susan ward was in it otherwise its was dumb

Stuart K (jp) wrote: From my first encounter with Stephen Fry once the 1990 "Jeeves and Wooster" came to PBS I've enjoyed him. Then Hugh Laurie showed up on one of the few TV shows we've liked that has lasted. BYT is Fry's first directing effort. It is funny, sad and romantic, if the sale of a friend can be romantic. The cast is great, with the older generation played by stars one knows, including O'Toole trying out for his role in "Venus." The young things were apparently less known, but are excellent (Emily Mortinmer, Stephen Campbell Moore, James McAvoy, Michale Sheen and Fenella Woolgar.)

Free P (jp) wrote: Great movie. Very difficult to watch as the photography was so beautiful as the same time it shows how a community's racism can subvert the criminal justice system. Recommend you see this with a close friend.

Matthew I (ru) wrote: How nice to escape to an isolated Greek Island ...

Ryan V (br) wrote: The worst of the original crew's Trek films. There's way too much silliness and hackneyed philosophy going on here. It's a testament to the other films and the show that this movie didn't kill off the franchise.

Sam M (jp) wrote: Yes, there are obvious weaknesses but one can't help to allow the film be a good source of entertainment. Fair sequel.

Phillip D (us) wrote: Condorman is amazing. One of the real progenitors of the over the top superhero flick.

Hossein N (gb) wrote: Mar 09 - Incredible movie that challenges all of one's views on relationships, parenthood and children. A perfect example of telling the story, explaining the characters with no judgment, with no black and white divisions. A masterpiece.

violetgirl (nl) wrote: Very bizarre and disturbing.

Bill R (au) wrote: Not my taste in movie. I think i just wasn't in the mood for this type of genre at the time. I was thinking this would put a soap opera to shame with all the drama that was going on. There was alot of stuff going on and I was on overload i believe. So, not something I would recommend for a guy but watch it with someone.

Miguel R (br) wrote: Darren Aronofsky's debut, Pi, is a gritty, bizarre, and thought-provoking black and white drama-thriller!

John P (us) wrote: Probably the best killer worm movie around.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Not exactly a masterpiece, but is still amazing! Awe, there is something so special about it!