Sen Kimsin

Sen Kimsin

Tekin (Tolga Cevik) and retired traffic police deputy Ismail (Koksal Engür), to find a girl who lost their lives at the expense of any kind of danger afford. An ordinary story that started ...

Tekin (Tolga Cevik) and retired traffic police deputy Ismail (Koksal Enger), to find a girl who lost their lives at the expense of any kind of danger afford. An ordinary story that started ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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m M (gb) wrote: one of the best movies of all the world

javier l (de) wrote: good action horror movie

Neil T (fr) wrote: A great feel-good film. Hilarious and bizarre whilst being completely believable at the same time. It's a pity it didn't have a wider release as I'm sure many people would enjoy this.

Gregory W (br) wrote: just ok sequel missing the best part of the first-jeremy piven! oops i guess 'prequel"

Fran P (au) wrote: Ultimately, it's a sad movie regardless of the violence and excess masculinity. I'm still at awe that the bloke who played Pete was Charlie Hunnam. I first encountered him in "Nicholas Nickleby," which is also another good movie, but he totally becomes someone else in this film. This is a consistently interesting picture to watch because it is apparent to see the film's change of tone from beginning to end. At first, it seems to glorify violence but somewhere near the middle it changes gears which, I must admit, I didn't expect. I also appreciate how focused this film was regarding the emotional material. I thought it was going to be another movie about soccer fans but it's more than that. It's about friendship, loyalty, family, and choices that can impact one's future. I highly recommend this movie.

Felipe B (jp) wrote: Esta pelicula me gusto mucho desde la primera vez ke la vi porke tiene una buena historia acerca de fernando y alexis, como se desarrolla y como la vida puede estar condicionada por el gatillo de una pistola.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

Cassandra L (ag) wrote: Please rent this and watch this

Grant S (au) wrote: Fairly boring and not that funny. Dana Carvey went on to bigger and better things, esp Wayne's World, but here the material he had to work with was distinctly lacking.

Johnny B (mx) wrote: this was a funny movie.

Joel A (gb) wrote: A quite impressive late 70's Sci Fi thriller that may be more true than one would like to think.This film was definitely fueled by the moon landing conspiracy but scary how easily they where able to pull it off. But the film itself despite a brilliant concept was really good.The acting was great & the storyline was engrossing the whole way through, a very clever & snappy film a surprise this film wasn't a bigger hit or maybe it isn't?.....

Scott S (ag) wrote: Kim (1950) -- [6.5] -- This Rudyard Kipling adventure stars young Dean Stockwell in the title role, playing a sneaky street-wise kid who spies for British Intelligence in colonial India. The adventure is a little more episodic than I prefer, bringing Kim into contact with several supporting players, including an older spy named Red Beard (an underutilized Errol Flynn), a curt hypnotist (Arnold Moss), and a holy man (Paul Lukas). The story moves briskly, but could have afforded more character moments and grace notes. Still a solid family matinee sort of flick.

Jonathan M (ca) wrote: This was a great crime drama about a gangster and a district attorney turned governor. It was really good, and what makes this film even better, is the knowledge that it was the last movie that John Dillinger, the famous outlaw and public enemy number one, saw before he died outside of the theater in 1934.

Jonathan D (es) wrote: This one was okay. It starts off very interesting, but then doesn't leave you very satisfied with how it ends. It's a nice change of pace over your typical action movie.

Alfredo G (mx) wrote: Classic 1960's western with a strong underlying anti-war theme It was some of James Stewart''s best acting later in his career, but the plot is so sad and devastating.