Senario the Movie: Ops pocot

Senario the Movie: Ops pocot

In yet another sequel to the franchise, "Senario The Movie Ops Pocot" continues the tale of three guys who are always being bullied. Azli is single and works at a supermarket as security guard but often sleeps on the job. Mazlan is a coward who works in a private company and has always been a target for bullying by his friends since he was young. Wahid is a quiet guy who works in an agency that supplies foreign workers. Azli, Mazlan, and Wahid's behaviour forces their superiors to enrol them to a motivational camp run by Ikatan Relawan Malaysia (RELA). The aim is to help them to change their perspectives in life. How will Azli, Mazlan and Wahid survive the camp when the discover that it is run by an angry and ferocious ex-military man?

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Senario the Movie: Ops pocot torrent reviews

Quakeem H (au) wrote: Very interest twist on corrupt police officers...

Ravi N (au) wrote: Another good Aamir Khan movie, little slow paced, but interesting.

Nicolas K (ru) wrote: In a country where thousands die every year on road accidents, there are always voltures waiting around to profit from it. The film treads between corruption and personal integrity. And although it seems indifferent at first, but as it unravels it gets more gutsy and ends with a climatic bang.

Tim G (ag) wrote: This movie sucks! I didn't get it... It must be a minority thing.

Jorge A (es) wrote: Excelente e interesante pelcula argentina. Florencia, es madre soltera drogadicta, sin empleo, y que ve la vida pasar sin tener ningn inters, y que su nica "preocupacin" es su hija Eugenia. En la relacin de ambas, los roles estn cambiados, y resulta ser la nia quien termina de cuidarla. Ellas, junto a Olguita, Sara y Celina, van envolviendo en una trama de historias eminentemente femininas, con problemas de dicho gnero y en los cuales todas tienen un elemento en comn: la frustracin. Las cuatro mujeres adultas, intentarn de alguna u otra forma, evitar que Eugenia sea contaminada por estos dramas, sin saber que en realidad es ella quien logra reunirlas y que puedan hablar de esos temas y comenzar a dar los pasos hacia un mejor futuro. Excelente! notable direccin, fotografa, guin y banda sonora, a cargo de Babasnicos.

Princess S (fr) wrote: i wanna see it now!!!

j d (es) wrote: Outstanding acting and script - fun and entertaining on every level!

Andrew E (au) wrote: Sadly it's just not that good. It may have been when I was younger but as time has gone on I just don't care anymore. The jokes are weak and the performances are standard. I guess if nothing else is on it might kill an hour and a half but don't make a special effort.

NC M (us) wrote: rather good procces and a predictable ending