Just after the tragic death of her fiance, Karlina (Liyana Jasmay) encounters strange dreams that call upon her return to her mother’s village. Out of curiosity, Karlina and her best friend Isabella decide to head to the village and strange things start to occur almost instantly. Karlina then learns about her family’s history from a recluse yet handsome villager named Armand (Zahiril Adzim). She finds out that her mother ran away from the village to stay away from a ‘haunting presence’ (‘saka warisan’) passed down by her grandmother. The ‘haunting presence’ had attacked Karlina’s father years back when Karlina’s mother refused to accept her legacy. Karlina then struggles to discover the mysteries that lie within her family curse, and whether she will be next to inherit ‘it’.

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Willie J (ca) wrote: Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan...what else can I say?

melissa u (mx) wrote: make me so laughing i have movie

SV G (br) wrote: A very sweet tale from China about a young boy who lives alone with his father. His father is very devoted to his son who plays the violin and seeks out a good teacher for him so that he can make a better life for himself. The part of the father reminded me very much of Chaplin's Little Tramp. The story and characters through-out the whole movie reminded me of a Chaplin film in some odd way. The violin music and performances are magical. My brother who is a violinist recommended this to me - it was indeed an enjoyable little film.

Thomas T (de) wrote: Such a unique sequel with emotional aspects like none other and unforgettable entertainment quality. All of this done at the same exact level of the original Toy Story.

Kyle B (es) wrote: A really fun movie with excellent performances from the whole ensemble including Ewan McGregor, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Eddie Izzard, Christian Bale, and Toni Colette. I think this may be or at least tied with Carol my favorite Todd Haynes movie and the first time he really let loose and had fun with a movie. A lot of his movies are super serious or romantic but this is vibrant with excellent musical numbers, costumes, make up, hair, art direction, writing, and cinematography.

Jonathan Y (jp) wrote: Like Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, Tupac did an awesome final performance in this film.

Jason R (us) wrote: Just a clich sport-drama which I liked when I was younger but after rewatching it I have to say that it was all very predictable. Rhea Perlman and Fredro Starr have to carry the weight of the movie but don't succeed. The only scenes that could put a smile on my face were those with Terrence Howard in it. A positive thing was that there were enough moments where they really showed basketball, althought it wasn't groundbreaking stuff.

Pascal S (br) wrote: mieux que Platoon perso...

James W (us) wrote: A great Chuck Norris flick.

Alice M (ca) wrote: Everybody knows Madonna is a terrible actress. But the movie is interesting.

Satish M (it) wrote: Overall,I really liked it. It explored the psychological aspects which was probably the movies best parts.