Strange phenomena begin to plague Senn, a factory worker on the forgotten world, Pyom, when an enigmatic alien intelligence arrives to deliver him to the Polychronom. This ancient object ...

Strange phenomena begin to plague Senn| a factory worker on the forgotten world| Pyom| when an enigmatic alien intelligence arrives to deliver him to the
Polychronom. This ancient object has surreptitiously chosen him for a mysterious purpose that could mean his undoing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Madeleine S (it) wrote: Obviously not meant to be a cinematic masterpiece, this campy science fiction farce makes for some good entertainment and great laughs. All in all, it's a pretty epic work of intergalactic biznasty.

trini fuh life t (gb) wrote: i liked the songs only.

anomaly (br) wrote: Very much a product of it's time, which can make it's sometimes outdated and forced protest storylines feel like a 90's time wrap. Still, it's an enjoyable movie with some nostalgic charm.

Cassandra C (mx) wrote: This movie is totally crazy and so hard to follow, but it is absolutely worth the 99 cent rental fee at Dillon's...every young woman should watch it!

Jason R (fr) wrote: My film snob heart feels guilty about this, but I found this completely tedious. It's a ho-hum melodrama, a kind of Italian "Gone With the Wind." And while that may sound like heaven to some, it sounds deathly boring to me. Visconti's more operatic efforts bore me to tears. But I am really curious about the appearance of "Rocco and His Brothers" (Visconti's greatest film?) three years after "Senso." The former is probably the director's most severe, neo-realist treatment, while the latter initiates Visconti's most self-indulgent tendencies.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) is a two-bit gambler who falls into a sweet gig where he manages a casino for an enigmatic mogul (George Macready). Unfortunately for Johnny, his boss' new wife (Rita Hayworth) is an old flame that he'd rather forget. This noir film made Rita Hayworth into a star and it's still acclaimed for its piercing dialogue, lavish costumes, unorthodox take on sexuality, and tight editing. It does lose a few points in my book since Hollywood's internal censors forced director Charles Vidor to tack on a moralizing "happy ending", but I'd argue that Gilda is still worth seeing. At the same time, I can't help but feel that the story would've been more interesting (and layered) had this movie been made either twenty years earlier or twenty years later.

Richard E (kr) wrote: Afraid the critics blew this one, the movie is spectacular!

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