A student gets his senses enhanced by an experimental drug. But abuse is not an option.

Darryl Witherspoon is a young black college student who wants to win annual junior analyst competition. He becomes a guinea pig for the drug developed at the college which is promised to heighten all senses by ten times. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Senseless torrent reviews

Matthew L (fr) wrote: What kind of endingWas that? Be prepared to be disappointed at the end. Otherwise I kind of liked the movie it was very suspenseful and thought provoking. I tell you one thing that girl would dead!

Dion S (es) wrote: Good flick. If you liked the first sniper, you'll like this one!

Karen H (it) wrote: 2016-05-19 watched 2nd half with hubby. meh.

Sarena K (it) wrote: Really creative and innovative way to tell a story. These guys have a ton in their future.

Henrique M (br) wrote: Truly believeable characters. Bernal never fails.

Matthew O (jp) wrote: Awesome action scenes, but the story was horribly written.

Augustine H (it) wrote: The overtone is so simple: why can't humans leave the aliens alone? It's heart breaking to see the alien died here.

BellaRay (gb) wrote: Could be a laugh. Fingers crossed.

Cecily B (kr) wrote: It was good to see Charles talk in this one, I was really curious as to what he was up to after not speaking with the program in the last movie. It was really interesting to see all the people that participated at this time of their lives. I noticed that there was more grief in this one like there are more things happening that are sad. Lynn with her brain issues, Bruce is still alone, the divorces, and the loss of parents. It is definitely cool to see where these people are ending up and I look forward to watching the rest of the installments.

Alejandro R (gb) wrote: Finally watching this film 42 years after its release, which is a little more than a lifetime for me, I can easily say that this classic lives up to its reputation. Very intense drama with excellent cinematography and action scenes. Really well-filmed and acted. It was great to see Voight, Reynolds, Beatty and Cox in their prime (they would have to be for this kind of film with physically demanding scenes). That kind of film work made it feel very real and added to the intensity of the story.

Aj V (au) wrote: Not a good movie, but I find it amusing. It's unintentionally funny because it's so cheesy. It's a good example of Corman's work.

Adam D (mx) wrote: a good western a little comedy and best of all nice horses to.

Cheryl L (es) wrote: Little Shirley you're great.

Nilufer R (kr) wrote: It was an interesting movie keeping you on the edge for some reason. It wasn't very exciting or crazy but it had its dinamics makes you wonder what's going to happen next. Good acting of course.

Sarah A (kr) wrote: Pretty interesting movie based on real story

Brett B (kr) wrote: A terrific premise, solid direction, and one of Jerry Goldsmith's most intense and propulsive scores. Admittedly, the film makes no attempt to really be believable, but it's a neat romp while it lasts.