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A college boy Su-min is looking around paintings in a gallery when he hears someone screaming for help. That’s where he first meets a high school girl, Hyun-jin. They soon meet again in a park, and she realizes he is gifted; he can read people’s mind. He doesn’t want to be near her but somehow he happens to talk with her all the time, which makes him confused. They unexpectedly run into a kidnappi . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Alex G (es) wrote: All over the place in terms of story and always low quality--the fx are fantastic as is the cast. This is a lowest denominator Basket Case rip-off.

Syed A (br) wrote: hell to go in good way

Amie C (de) wrote: i'll watch any Christmas movie

Alfred O (br) wrote: How can i view all main characters in this movie?

Chris C (mx) wrote: Pretty Sweet Movie. Hustle on

Adam M (fr) wrote: delayed seeing this b/c it looked gimmicky (a cross btw Look Who's Talking 3 and Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer) and trivializing of Nazism; but the dog's monologues play a supporting role to the ordinary traumas of the human characters, which include old people who let themselves go, the middle-aged people who experience disappointments in love and family life, and a desensitized kid who fixates on Hitler's mass-destructive suicide as an alternative to complete coldness; the colors and light are perfect and the the movie never becomes bleak or fatalistic; it ends up an interesting commentary on the constant temptation of nihilism, and fascism as one response to the temptation; Baxter is trapped by his nature, and the movie produces a sympathy for that more than for the child sociopath, who makes choice after choice to hate, worship force and cause painOne charming thing is that the dog's dialogue plays at the edge of realism in paraphrasing what a dog feels and can revisit in memory -- granted, at the end he starts meditating on death and the change of seasons.


Vadim D (es) wrote: It's a little crazy how much Rita Hayworth was under-appreciated for her acting in Hollywood. She didn't just bring forth the strong, femme fatale type of attitude, but also a lot of tenderness, and it was especially evident in Miss Sadie Thompson. As I understand, the source material was heavily censored in this picture, but it's still enjoyable due to Haworth, fun musical numbers, and good story.

Justin A (ag) wrote: Were the critics high?!??! How is this at 62%! This is a great movie don't kid yourself with the rating.

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