The documentary centers on Gruff Rhys's quest to meet up with his lost long Patagonian uncle, musician René Griffiths.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English,Welsh,Spanish,Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   road trip,   hispanic,  

The documentary centers on Gruff Rhys's quest to meet up with his lost long Patagonian uncle, musician René Griffiths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph B (fr) wrote: Q: Could you get any more lame and contrived than this?A: I hope not.

Schevarlyea M (fr) wrote: It's not your typical musical " It's one you'll really enjoy...I know I did!

Natalia C (de) wrote: This is Malick's reigning masterpiece, a film of profound beauty and subtle introspection. Less mystic and more earthy than his recent work, which was going of the rails in some ways away from his strengths, which this film returns. Malick has entered the realm of masters such as Antonioni and Tarkovsky but has a deep humanity that can't be found in some of those classic art films.

Charles G (br) wrote: real good. would like a another.

Jamil K (de) wrote: Hits way too many false notes dissolving into confusion.

Corey B (au) wrote: Jigsaw and the saw crew just keep impressing me, i didn't think it was possible with this many movies, but we'll see with 6.

Avery L (de) wrote: after it ended, my brother and I remained in the theater. until the custodians woke us up and told us life was OK again

Lanky Man P (es) wrote: One if the better films in the first series of Horrorfest. Good story line.

Andrew C (ca) wrote: quite a fun movie with a colourful story. the sleeping fits are a hoot! :)

MEC r (kr) wrote: This movie could've been better. I just didn't really get the whole thing of a man-whore in a hair salon, but whatever.

Rae H (ru) wrote: Like a lot of people I rented this because I'm a fan of Jemaine Clement. The great opening sequence gave me high hopes but I got bored with this and didn't finish it.

Jonathan S (jp) wrote: Wow, this was awful.

Timotito M (au) wrote: French language with subtitles, so it's difficult to follow. the acting seems pretty good. three roommates and two girlfriends equal disaster when one of the girlfriends challenges her man to see who can get the roommate laid first. Meanwhile, he falls for an Arab boy who is a grounds worker at the school. Yes, it's a convoluted plot to say the least. But there's lots of eye candy for the hetero woman and gay man: more than one scene of full male nudity (only one of female full nudity, thankfully!), including locker room shower scenes and a love scene with the gorgeous young Arab!! that in itself makes this picture worth watching. At least it does for me!

Katelynn S (de) wrote: I liked it when I was little...that's as far as that goes.

Joseph N (us) wrote: A movie that deserves repeated viewings.


Adam P (fr) wrote: I just don't understand this film at all. I don't i'm sorry to say. Why did such good director put out this garbage i swear it is just garbage no meaning in it just a film with pretty animation thats it pretty animation and a good voice cast. But if you don't have much of a story and good music and length what will good animation and voice cast do ? What can they do ??? Hum i don't hear a reply so you all most be just as baffled as me myself am. This film is just a waste of time,money, and talent it is. Only two things kept the film afloat from drowning the animation , and voice cast. The animation is beautifully golden waxed beauty i loved it sharp perfect animation pretty nice charactor animation. Don Bluth knows how to do animation as proved with previous his work. Good animation now on to our second subject... Voice acting. The voice acting is great except the voice actor Toby Scott Ganger whos voice is not even cute its annoying and off pace and jus ugg. However everyone else mainly Glen Campbell,Christopher Plummer, and Eddie Deezen voices was perfect just perfect A+ you can tell that they all tried their best to make the best film they could but in the end it failed but there voices were music to my ear (when they are not singing that is). Now onto the bad stuff including its music,live action scenes, screen play, length , and about everything bad you could possibly think about is this film i swear i'm not over exaggerating !!! The music is pretty bad considering this film to be a musical well it does a pretty bad job as that it really does i swear. The music is just so annoying it makes me cup my ear and its so unthought out and simply cheesy to the bone it is !!!!! I just could not stand it i wanted to kill my self when he actually was singing Rock A Doodle i really did !!! Ugg man Don Bluth does not know who to create a good musical on his own i swear its just bad it really is. The live action scenes were also unnessasary and ugly to look at it is and i hated it i didit was jsut so un needed i mean the director just needed extra scenes to make the film over an hour and by doing so rushed and flopped badly !!! The screen play is the worst of all this stuff it was so short, an enigma, loose , stupid, and just not thought out enough. I just could not understand each scene was rushed and to me a riddle because i understoud non of it at all i didn't i just could not. It was so horrible. The length of this movie is way to short they could have given this film a good extra 20 minutes if they added more scenes of the villion and Chanticleer then this film would have been better and not so well un solved it just ended to quickly without lots of details and entertainment i just don't understand. All an All this film was a dissater it was i big dissater it was garbage it did not need to be created and should be destroyed !!! D-

Jeremy C (ru) wrote: Visually dazzling and intriguingly convoluted, Paprika offers a multi-layered narrative spun together by the multiples characters' identities manifested through their dreams.

Al P (ru) wrote: Yeah!!!!!! Part 1 . Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Krapong K (fr) wrote: Very Very Great Movie!