Separation City

Separation City

A comedy-drama which follows the collapse of two marriages.

Simon is a decent man who lives a peaceful life with his wife and two children. Unfortunately, he gradually tired of the lack of sex and is attracted by the friend of his wife Katrien, who was cheated by her husband. The two soon fascinated with each other and begin a secret affair, which will cause later problems in their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Travis P (ag) wrote: I saw Nailbiter last weekend at the Peculiar Film Festival - It's unfortunate that more people don't research a movie before reviewing it. (yes, I understand how dorky that sounds) Patrick Rea's small-budget indie horror film is very entertaining with a brand new horror monster twist. I would liked to see more back-story about the monsters, but the film sets up for a sequel, so we may get more answers.

Luke E (it) wrote: I happen to go to film not knowing what its about nor expecting what it may be like. As it turns out its a well made modern low budget B-Movie in the tradition of the 1950s and latter day pulp novels. Theres certainly a great deal of depth with the characters incorporating them into a semifictional plot with big outrageous and quite entertaining twists and turns. The cast are great in there roles of US marines who go on the hunt for lost Puma Mascots in the Australian Bush only to be caught up with time travel and Nazi spider Robots linked to an alien they eventually caught up with. Theres simply enough entertainment through all its flaws and if viewers could disbelieve they'll have a great time with this film. So I'd say its a recommended, however you may see cheesy low budget sci-fi.

Grady H (kr) wrote: Remember when WWE movies were entertaining, like the first Marine.... wait... was there any other good ones? Anyway, this one was pretty dumb.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: not too funny and kinda really lame

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: Norwegian black comedy/drama at its best. Real characters. Pathetic at times. Funny at times. Rather slow moving, but done in the right way. This is one of those films that draws you in until the end. Well done...

James K (br) wrote: Good movie. Good plot although it starts a little slowly while they are trying to develop the characters. It had a real authentic feel about it which gave this movie its edge. Also the use of some lesser known actors was also a good touch as it prevented any great expectations of the movie. As far as Aussie flicks go this is one of the better one that Iv'e seen.

Rainer K (au) wrote: A crowd-funded project that never go a theatrical wide release. Due to copyright issues, Sita is an already forgotten gem, and it's only because of the praise of critics like Roger Ebert that it's still beloved by a few.Sita is a work of pure inspiration and art. Animated in three different styles (shadow puppets, hand-drawn and vector animation), which all look (understandably) a bit cheap (especially the vector thing) but replace technical shortcomings with a lot of heart, Sita, if nothing else, at least teaches you basic Indian mythology.That's because three Indian shadow puppets explain (or better discuss) the characters and ongoings throughout the film. The scenes they're discussing are then presented to us in colourful animated sequences. In between there are autobiographical parts from Paley's life. These are the hand-drawn ones which look the best imo. After a while it's revealed that Paley's life and the story of Sita share some similarities (which is the actual point of the whole story).However, beside the uncharming vector animation, there's also too much singing for my taste (although the songs fit the respective scenes quite perfectly). On the other hand, a lot of quirky humour and some almost macabre scenes cater the taste of cinephiles (this is by any means no kids movie).A personal project which overcomes limited technical and financial ressources with big heart and emotional input. Films like Sita, we don't get to see very often, and although I may not be a big fan of it, I appreciate it for its cheerfulness and origin.

Nate (br) wrote: to me this just sounds like it would be nasty and would make me feel ineasy... dont think i would tolerate it well haha....

ME A (it) wrote: Audrey: Oh, boy, don't you try to analyze me with your whole, disheveled Bohemian my socks don't match so therefore I have insight into all things wacko mindset. There are no psychoanalytical shortcuts into my pants.

Private U (mx) wrote: Way ahead of its time. Many people have ripped the bright colours and directing style off of Mr. Temple. Almost bankrupted the studio that made it. I remember it as a late night discovery on TV.

Aaron T (es) wrote: Val Kilmer's finest work!

Jim H (nl) wrote: A Czech man takes over a Jewish-run business at the behest of the town's Nazi occupiers.Filled with tense, ethical quandaries, this film is absolutely remarkable. As Tono takes over an elderly woman's shop and learns the Jewish community that supports her, his prejudices wane, but there is still a gulf between belief and action - a gulf that I suspect infected many in the wake of Nazi atrocities. His weak-willed inability to stand up for others and his pride-busting benefits from his job present him with serious ethical questions that he ultimately fails to resolve.The performances by Josef Kroner and Ida Kaminska are as compelling as actors can be, and the direction by Jan Kadar and Elmar Klos is blithe and compelling.Overall, this is one of the finest films I've ever seen about WWII.

Nick U (kr) wrote: 11/29/16 Netflix DVDA good movie with realistic battle scenes. Worth watching.

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Michael R (nl) wrote: A dark and smart tale of deception, vanity and betrayal. David Fincher masterfully tells this disturbing love story and continues to prove that he is one of the greatest filmmakers working in Hollywood.

Kameron M (ag) wrote: If you want to watch this as a serious movie, you're going to have a bad timeIf it is 4 AM, you are with some buddies, and you like old sci-fi ridiculousness, this movie has it in spades PLUS modern visual effects. The premise is laughable. The plot is awful. Details, details. Still, there is a laugh at every turn. How over-the-top can it get? You will just have to see. Alcohol recommended.

Jon K (ag) wrote: I always had a very special place in my heart for this movie when I was younger. I loved the idea of Mickey Rourke in action films but this was horrible timming for him. This movie was definately a bad carrer move for Rourke and Johnson. Other than Rourkes Harley in this movie there is nothing else worth a damn in the entire movie. NO story, NO plot or real charactor developement. Besides, any movie that opens with a Bon Jovi song is bound for doom. Despite all that, I still bought on the discount wrack at Wal-Mart.

cindy m (es) wrote: not the best acting....but damn ! what a plot. muahhhhhh hhahaha