September Dawn

September Dawn

A story set against the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the film is based upon the tragedy which occurred in Utah in 1857. A group of settlers, traveling on wagons, was murdered by the native Mormons. All together, about 140 souls of men, women and children, were taken.

In 1857 Capt. Alexander Fancher leads a wagon train of settlers across Utah to California. A confrontation with a congregation of Mormons soon leads to deadly consequences for all involved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander Z (it) wrote: I can just imagine the writer brainstorming his idea. "Hmm, how can I make this volcano movie unique...GOT IT! Time travel! It's gold!"

Gerardo V (es) wrote: Penelope Cruz is a force acting uncommon, and although the movie is not perfect i loved it to start to finish

Nancy C (ag) wrote: 3/5 --- A wholly erotic film about love or lust, about how two people (in this case, two women) perceive love/relationships differently. Yes both female leads are nude 99% of the time... very visually sexual, sexy, stimulating, sensual and sometimes can be a bit slow with conversation but interesting stories. Mostly a drama but has some cute comedic moments. The cinematography is quite good and the shots seem carefully crafted, from the beginning long one-take to the end (same) one-take.Enjoyed the ideas about how one person have all she could, and the other gave until someone else came along...the end bathroom scene was very well done, the toothbrush scene very impactful, and the bathtub scene symbolic. Felt like the movie could've ended sooner but was appropriate when it did.

Graham C (es) wrote: I am surprised at the low rating given by the critics. I thought this was an excellent movie, well produced and will messages that are still relevant. It is extremely believable. Cheney's attempts to focus on Syria, the fact Zikri was kept in jail even though the authorities knew he was innocent - compare that with the length of time people were kept locked in Guantanamo Bay for being in the wrong place at the wrong time - this movie is only too believable.

Lilianetty l (au) wrote: This anime style looks damn alike to the one in the first chapter of GOTHAM KNIGHT (MAD HOUSE). I just love that company and the Director did an awesome job here. Loved it. Plot: Black and White are two childs who live on the streets, like orphans, but with their own rules. They know Chocolo, Vainilla and other street gang dudes. Black's mission? Protect his TOWN from invasors. Who would not protect their country of invasors? For example...Irak protects themselves from invasors (I don't have anything against US, but they invaded even my world). Anyway, you get the idea, right? Question here: WOULD YOU PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY FROM YOUR OWN RACE/HUMANITY? I think we know the answer for that. Voice Acting: Stars here damn yes. No matter what language or accent you see this film, it is still ENJOYABLE! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Music: Fantastic score, amazing and joyful, it bring me HAPPINESS! VIVE FELIZ! LIVE HAPPY!!!! That is duh a wonderful message. To end this short review, 3 & a half stars of 5. Enjoy my review and remember, protect ON YOUR COUNTRY, don't fight outside with innocents. Humans....when will they learn? CHAO!!! BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

John H (es) wrote: Compared to modern CG standards the animation is deceptiivelly simple, but is also very well done, and broken up with disturbing live action images often of a brutally pornographic nature. Sad child Mia, whose dead mother was a pornstar and then a prostitute, is rescued by her ex-priest uncle, August, who starts a campaign of revenge on those who destroyed his sister's life. Unfortunatelly he turns out to be one of them. You hope for a happy ending for this story, and a couple of times it tempts you to believe one is possible, but the ending is suitably bleak.

Alex A (au) wrote: It's written like a Mamet play and it doesn't pull any punches. In The Company of Men is a movie for people who like their humour jet black. Neil LaBute's writing and direction is solid and create's an air of realism; and Aaron Eckhart delivers one of his strongest performances. It's probably too mean spirited to entertain anyone with delicate sensibilities, but it's unapologetically dark humour and edginess is something that I relish.

Charlie M (ca) wrote: Mixing in footage of popular crazes and stock footage from the roaring 20's Woody masterfully creates a very unique film that I've seen nothing like since Forrest Gump, if it were exclusively the newsreels. Certainly mockumentaries are common, but a whole movie with vintage film and minimal narrative is a fascinating project. He still finds time for unrequited love, mockery of the public, over-reaching intellectuals, and non-sequiturs so you never forget you're watching a Woody Allen movie.He attempts to make a strong point about the court of public opinion and the power of the press, which feels slightly forced, but what works is everyone's fear of not 'fitting in.' Most interesting when Zelig is alone he is completely devoid of personality because he has no one to work blend in with. An interesting, short movie that's most notable for it's ability to impose Allen's image on old footage in the pre-computer filmmaking era.

Greg W (es) wrote: awesome and funny parody of hitchcock films plus mel wrote and performs the movie's theme song

cody f (au) wrote: This film starts up a little ho-hum, and the characters follow a goofball formula.Once they get their orders and have to go to Tokyo Bay for recon work the film really picks up.Cary Grant is great as usual as the sub captain and the rest of the crew find their barrings and become good characters after awhile. Some of the underwater footage looks good,but it's models in a small pool and at times looks too fake. I liked the story,but a few too many flashbacks.This movie was made during the war so it is patriotic and racist towards the Japanese,but all films made during this period were. Defiantly worth a watch,especially if your a Cary Grant fan.