A reclusive sports hustler returns home to his family farm after years of absence to reunite with his two eccentric, unhinged and emotionally damaged brothers.

A reclusive sports hustler returns home to his family farm after years of absence to reunite with his two eccentric, unhinged and emotionally damaged brothers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerardo C (au) wrote: It made the best use out of all the proven ingredients that make a horror film scary and interesting. I fell like with a more suited director this film could have been memorable.

Chinmay C (nl) wrote: A flamboyant youngster, Seenu, travels to Bangalore to accomplish a degree but instead falls in love with Sunaina (Ileana D'cruz). Their love hits a bump when Ayesha (Nargis Fakri), daughter of a rich Don, falls in love with Seenu. She organises the kidnapping of Sunaina and gives Seenu an ultimatum to marry her and forget about Sunaina. Will Seenu be able to retrieve Sunaina from Ayesha? You will find that out in 'Main Tera Hero'.The Father-Son duo David and Varun Dhawan are working together for the first time. This is an interesting collaboration since I am a fan of David Dhawan's nonsensical comedy and the fact that he cast his son in the lead role whose first movie was decent. Getting into the performances, Varun Dhawan's performance as Seenu is the only thing which makes this movie watchable. He is energetic, flexible (in the sense of acting abilities) and farce. He does a decent job but it is mostly forgettable. Ileana and Nargis play the love interests to Varun's character. There was not much acting to do for both of them, they just needed to look pretty, which they have certainly accomplished. The supporting cast includes Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Saurabh Shukla and Arunoday Singh. Their characters are ingenuous, poorly developed and blunt. This movie did have a strong cast but the abysmal story and screenplay didn't give the actors ample to work with. For the most part you have no idea where the movie is headed. The dialogue was cheesy and corny. No dialogue or emotion had relevance to the situation there were facing. Most of the David Dhawan movies do not have a good story and characters but they are enjoyable for what they are. This movie lacked even the minimum sense of comedy which usually a David Dhawan movie has in plenty. You might get a few laughs here and there but it does not have anything else to offer.'Main Tera Hero' is just a series of forced idiotic scenes and corny dialogue. If you are into watching typical Bollywood movies, this movie will work just fine for you and for the others it can be easily skipped.Verdict - "Too bad even for a nonsensical David Dhawan comedy"

Alex W (ru) wrote: Not only a good movie to bring me back to high school, also a good love movie.

Bradlee C (nl) wrote: It was like an episode of TV's Leverage. Except it had Kurt Russell.

Stephanie D (br) wrote: If you like skiing, then yes this movie may be visually interesting to you. I enjoyed the cast, especially Kellan, but the movie has a sad vibe throughout and put me in a bad mood. Sorry, not going to be watching this one again.

Gary G (kr) wrote: Hard to imagine a better written and acted film. More twists than a road over a mountain. Deep, interesting, and well developed characters. Even a interesting philosophical point about how the elites look down on common people, whie corrupting their children. Without a doubt, this film will be remade in Hollywood, and probably ruined by hacks trying to make it about racism or some such.

Peter S (ag) wrote: Hey, fuggeddabout it!

Mario H (jp) wrote: Good movie, probably a great chick flick. Julia Roberts is good and the story is okay.

Miriam S (jp) wrote: very coming of age. gay stay

Rory C (mx) wrote: the weakest entry in the trilogy but still a good time and worth a watch if u liked the first 2 the one thing that didnt make sense was how did the dinosaurs end up on the boat

Betsy C (us) wrote: Sort of reminded me of an older Vera Drake. Excellent performance by Isabelle, but I just couldn't feel too sympathetic for her character. The film did depict her plight well, and the fact that this woman was unjustly tried. Interesting to hear the story from her child's perspective. It felt like a fair assessment of her; an incredibly silly, naive woman trying to make money however she could, without thinking about the consequences.

Tom R (es) wrote: Why is Loretta Young's bedridden husband convinced she and her male friend are trying to kill him when she dotes on him, night and day and he is the doctor that is treating him? Such a drastic personality change would alarm me also but its never really explained so the events that follow become even more improbable. Still, not without some excitement and Young is as appealing and beautiful as ever. (I have a thing for her)

Thomas D (it) wrote: This is the first Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu film I have seen. And itcertainly wont be the last. He meticulously weaves several charactersand plots together in this crime thriller. There aren't many people whoare able to direct a film like this. The story isn't completely fresh,but the way it's put together and the execution is brilliant.Irritu put together a magnificent cast led by Naomi Watts, Sean Penn,and Benicio Del Toro. It was nominated for two academy awards and verywell could have been nominated for 5 or 6. Watts gives another heartbreaking performance and Del Toro is once again fantastic. It's thescenes in this film without any dialogue that stick with me the most.The emotion or lack of emotion on the faces of the actors isunparalleled. With Watts in particular she is given several moments toshow her true acting chops and give us one of the best performances ofthe decade, in my opinion.The plot is a bit confusing at first but Irritu sucks you in witheach scene. There really aren't any long scenes which is one of thereasons it's impossible to step away from the film. It's a real crimethriller, but it also gives us a look at people dealing with truedespair and how hard it is to instill hope again. Watts is involved ina tragedy, and subsequently Penn has begrudgingly benefited by thistragedy, all caused by Del Toro. But the great part about this film isthat each character you grow to care about even at their worst moments.Irritu gives us a good and bad side to each of the main characters.Irritu truly breaks ground with this film but in the end it's almosttoo sad to ever watch again. His intentions are not to depress theviewer but to give us a different perspective. 21 Grams is amasterpiece of a film, but it's hardly re-watchable.+Watts is gut-wrenchingly good +Del Toro's torn character +Refreshing take on the plot twisted crime thriller +Irritu's perfect execution+Plots weave together nicely...-...But it does take awhile -Impossible to watch again 9.2/10

Adam R (kr) wrote: Painfully boring. It's basically Schindler's List all over again. I should have jumped ship after the first fifteen minutes, but I held onto hope that it would get better. I did enjoy the music from John Williams, but everything else was unmemorable. (First and only viewing - 11/10/2014)

James H (jp) wrote: Love actually was a good film with some touching stories but it suffers from being overcrowded. I think it would have been better if they removed a few of the lesser characters and put more effort into the main story lines. However some of it is touching and it is a fun festive film that can be watched time and time again. There is a great cast that all deliver great performances and the soundtrack is suiting so it's pretty easy going.

Amy H (jp) wrote: Good acting but the story was so so just helping one person??

isaac c (br) wrote: Not that great, but it was ok