Based on the life of French painter Séraphine de Senlis.

Based on the life of French painter Séraphine de Senlis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (ag) wrote: There are rare occasions where I, while perusing Netflix's wares so to speak, take a look, just a look, at a film and I say 'that's what I'm watching tonight'. Doesn't even matter what type of film it is. If it grabs my attention, then I'm probably gonna watch it. Wolfcop is one of those films. The name just jumped out at me, and why the fuck wouldn't it, and I decided that come hell or high water that this was the movie I was gonna watch tonight. This movie is as goofy and ridiculous as it sounds. It's a movie about a werewolf cop, what the fuck do you really expect from this? While the film is set up for you to laugh at it, it's not like in Snakes on a Plane, where it's going so overboard in trying to be trashy, that it was actually bad instead of it being 'so bad it's good'. I think this film recognizes its silliness and embraces it and really runs with it. But, with that said, and this is evident from the score I gave it, this is more of a concept than it is a fully fleshed out film. Like I can imagine this was thought out to be like a trailer for a fake movie that was so popular that it actually got turned into a movie, like Machete in Grindhouse. That's what it comes across like, but this isn't what I would call a good movie. I mean there's traces of it here and there, but I don't think the concept reached its full campy potential. I just think that we spend too little time with Lou as an actual wolfcop. The sequences where Lou is dispensing justice are hilarious and it's a shame that there's not nearly enough of them in the film. The film is almost half over once Lou becomes a "wolfcop" for real. There's a scene where Lou fucks up some thugs in the bathroom of Jessica's bar, but it's only a glimpse of what is to come. Don't get me wrong, the movie can be entertaining as hell when it wants to, but in my opinion, it mostly relies on the absurdity of the concept to get it across. And you can only get so far when the only thing you're relying is on the silly concept. There's some real funny moments here though. I just wish we got more of Lou being a Wolfcop. Like there's so much you could do with this character, so much absurd situations you can put him in. Which is why I think this is the type of concept that would actually make for a better sequel. Like this is just a test run to get the concept out there for people to enjoy. I can see the sequel, which has been confirmed by the director, being absolutely fucking nuts. And that's exactly what I would want out of this. Just absolute insanity. This has hints of that, but not nearly enough to sustain it for any length of time. I did love the retro look and feel of the film. It certainly reminds you of old 80s horror movies. I still had fun watching this film, it's just so fucking goofy that I still found it fun even if I didn't think it was good. As mentioned earlier, this is more of a concept than it is a movie, it plays out like that. Bring on Wolfcop 2 because I'm sure it's gonna be absolutely insane.

Stacey O (fr) wrote: B grade thriller. That is all.

Nicki M (it) wrote: This could be "Napoleon Dynamite meets the pornstar"! Really quirky little film - liked it a lot. Kim Cattrall is excellent as a washed up pornstar from the 70's and Dustin Ingram also really good as an absolute dork who is obsessed with her and when he gets a chance to meet her, befriends her and decides they belong together, even though it is obvious his also-dorky classmate, Amanda, is perfect for him.

Sandeep H (gb) wrote: Movie is based on Terrorist attack and its after effects which caused to a mother.The movie is not delivered that much good, but had good BGM's.

Mary Lyn E (es) wrote: So I just watched this movie -- just now. I'm a 19-year old girl and if I'll ever get my own car, I'll name him Herbie! Yes. I'm so inspired and in love with him. Cried, too. I love you Herbie! Be with me on my car, okay?

Ravi M (mx) wrote: complex character study kind of movie.. was very heavy ...

Darshan N (br) wrote: Best film ever made in world cinema!

nettie k (de) wrote: they have gone hawiian

Christian P (it) wrote: Warren Oates. Harry Dean Stanton. Monte Hellman. 'Nuff said.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Campy drama about a Viennese dancer who captures the heart of many men, including a whole town that changes its name in her honour, but whose heart is finally captured by a bandit. An almost ridiculous script and poor performances are not saved by De Carlo's sensual dancing, though this film did kickstart her career.

Angie W (mx) wrote: I also have to read the book first before the movie!!

Dan R (ru) wrote: I'm begging you. You can watch it, but please don't joke about it this Christmas.

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