Damon Vincenti, a young vineyard worker, has a beautiful tenor voice and dreams of becoming a great opera singer. He debuts at Lardelli's Italian restaurant in San Francisco, where he is spotted by Kendall Hale, a society girl who enjoys launching young artists while making them her lovers before dumping them after use. Damon is no exception to the rule: he becomes famous but Kendall leaves him abruptly. He feels so affected that he must give up singing. In Mexico, where he has got back in touch with his inner self, Damon meets Juana Montès.They are happy and get married. But Kendall is still around...

Damon Vincenti, a young vineyard worker, has a beautiful tenor voice and dreams of becoming a great opera singer. He debuts at Lardelli's Italian restaurant in San Francisco, where he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Serenade torrent reviews

Kit A (nl) wrote: Hardly watch any HK movies but this one is highly recommended. Gd movie!

Keegan K (de) wrote: What a seriously fun movie with Mark and Denzel teaming up as a truly funny duo. This is one of those carefree, laid-back, shoot em up cop movies that has a lot of comedy. The characters are all intertwined as well. Mark and Denzel are actually working for different entities, the DEA and the Navy. But they don't even know it! In the end they're trying to recover $43 million. It got a little long and it did have some crude humor but the language wasn't too unbearable. I would definitely watch this movie again when I want a fun comedic action movie.

Lee M (au) wrote: A sumptuously filmed parable on the futility of violence that manages to get away with its shortfalls almost solely on the basis of its cinematography.

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: Love is just like life, its not always easy and it does not always bring happiness. But when we do not stop living, why should we stop loving.

Greg R (fr) wrote: A personal favorite, this film is a inspirational tale of the so called "worst director of all time" who is also the definition of what a cult filmmaker is. Also with a great script, great performances (most notably Johnny Depp and Martin Landau) and great direction, Ed Wood is a must-watch for anyone who is truly passionate and want to follow their dreams (particularly filmmaking)

Marcus W (br) wrote: It's dirty, it's low budget, and it's gritty, but everyone is having so much fun it doesn't matter.

Jerell P (fr) wrote: "Rape You? I rather rape a watermelon" Classic line. That said, this has got to be the worst pimp movie of all time. Willie was a moron with bad taste in mink coats. I enjoyed every minute of it!

007 W (au) wrote: Alien is an amazing movie, it is one of the greatest movies ever made, but it's also what I'd call one of the most horrifying movies in history in space, the movie has a great story/script, great characters and acting, great writing and directing, good dialogue, it's perfectly paced and edited, and really discussing which is great as well, Ridley Scott really saves this movie and made this movie great, he knows how to make a good movie and how to make it work, this is one of the most terrifying movies I've seen in a while, and the fact that it's also scary is another reason this movie is great, it's basically a classic horror movie set in outer space, this is one of the best horror movies I've seen in a while, it's terrifying, it's like a nightmare that makes your blood run cold and that's why this movie is really great, it's a masterpiece.

Riccardo R (kr) wrote: Tutto sommato un esperimento ben riuscito dal punto di vista della realizzazione e di certo sar un punto di partenza per chi in futuro vorr realizzare dei lungometraggi 3D fotorealistici. La trama un po' troppo semplicistica e l'adattamento italiano vi "spoilera" subito che i Phantom sono Fantasmi... :)

David M (kr) wrote: Completely tasteless & senseless. It's like a collision of a Modern Warfare game with a Nicki Minaj music video - on crack, and not in a good way.