Although strangers Sara and Jonathan are both already in relationships, they realize they have genuine chemistry after a chance encounter – but part company soon after. Years later, they each yearn to reunite, despite being destined for the altar. But to give true love a chance, they have to find one another again.

Sara Thomas was a girl believing in fate. On Christmas Day, she met Jonathan Tragger - real love of her life. But Sara still wanted to know whether they were real for each other or not. She had set conditions: she would write name and address on a book, and he would write his address on a $ 5 piece, then they would break up and see if fate could bring them back together or not. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Praveen Kumar T (mx) wrote: Abbas Kiarostami is a Genius. Tadashi Okuno's performance is just awesome.

Chris R (br) wrote: Denis Quaid is hilarious in this.

Dale P (au) wrote: Everything WAS awesome.

Priyanka D (us) wrote: i think niel niten mukesh had done an awesome performance in the movie hes is rocking... and also is mugdha ... shes looks awesome in the movie too,.. the movie is worthwatching after all it is a madhur bhandarkar film..! all his movie are worth watching.. i would like to recommend everyone to watch this movie..!

Juuso L (us) wrote: Salarakkaat, rahalaukku ja tydellinen suunnitelma. Mik voisi menn pieleen? Kaikki. Tietenkin.Asiaankuuluvan fatalistinen aussi-noir toistaa suunnilleen kaikki hyvn noir-tarinan konventiot, mutta tekee sen tuoreesti ja sujuvasti. Genretietoisuuden oppiaineen lksyt on luettu hyvin.

Eric B (jp) wrote: "Loot" is based on a play by the notorious Joe Orton, who was murdered three years before this film was released. This, along with the curiosity of seeing Lee Remick in an unusual role, are the only reasons to seek out this deservedly obscure movie.Two fools, Hal and Dennis, hatch an implausible robbery plot. Hal's mother has freshly died, and the funeral parlor is adjacent to a bank. Taking advantage of their temporary access, the boys plan to tunnel through the wall, rob the bank and then hide the money in the coffin where no one will look. Their scheme is half successful, but they hit a snag when they discover that the pile of bills doesn't leave enough room in the coffin for the body. This dilemma launches a perverse farce concerned with stashing the mother's corpse while keeping the stolen money hidden from a suspicious inspector.The endless shuffling of the casket, body and money bags quickly turns repetitive, and it doesn't help that the limp dummy used as a stand-in corpse is painfully obvious. The two leads are charmless toads, and Richard Attenborough (you know, the guy who directed "Gandhi"?) gives a ridiculously burlesque performance as the inspector. The one saving grace is gorgeous Remick, who has a ball dumping her clean-cut image to portray a vampy Irish maid with a sordid history. Her wicked teasing of Dennis and his newly widowed father is much more fun to watch than the main story.Another problem is Keith Mansfield's score, which adds overly literal pop songs to serve as awkward narration.So many wonderful British comedies were released during this era of Peter Sellers, Albert Finney, Richard Lester and the like -- see them all before you settle for "Loot."

Mayank F (ca) wrote: makes effective use of the plot and with help of fine writing delivers thrills in a hitchcockian way.

Tulip N (gb) wrote: superb styling of characters and ambience.....this film makes you think...!!!!

gustavmarkovic31 (au) wrote: not such a bad movie. tom selleck is such a bastard to the japanese people. we watched this twice in year 7 japanes because our teacher mr cuddon couldn't be bothered teaching us anything. but the film is okay, but not much sustains it. the whole length of it is about the man trying to fit in with the japanese culture, and to impress his new teammates. some quirky laughs and overused jokes are a consistant prescence, which does diminish what drama there might have been in the life of tom selleck's character while he spends months in japan. his translater is a highlight though.

Thomas D (ag) wrote: We have all probably seen at least one of Michael Keaton's colorful character roles throughout the 80's and 90's. There is 'Batman', 'Beetlejuice', etc. Well i always heard about 'Clean and Sober' since i was in the court systems. It is one of their leading movies for representation of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It is almost a teaching tool as we watch Michael Keaton who plays Daryl, a former real estate agent who becomes addicted to cocaine and alcohol which shortly begins taking its toll on his life and close relations. After withdrawing thousands of credited dollars from a company account for drugs, Daryl's life starts to enter into a downward spiral. He soon finds that his only option for salvation is to enter himself into a rehabilitation program to help him sober up. The program, led by Morgan Freeman isn't the easiest program. As a matter of fact, it is absolute hell for the recovering addict. He soon becomes submerged in a life of group therapy sessions and AA meetings where he meets a woman who he becomes emotionally attached to. He also meets his sponsor Richard (M. Emmet Walsh) who becomes devoted to helping Daryl overcome his inner demons. I happened to relate to the film very closely as i went through the same sort of challenges that Daryl had to face when entered into rehab. The movie should still prove be be impacting to people that don't exactly relate also. Keaton's acting as an addict is very thorough and piercing. His emotional stress varies and at times he is unpredictable. The supporting cast was great, the directing was very organized and solid and the editing and story matched up and kept a very enthralling and satisfying story. It is very entertaining and an overall learning experience watching Keaton overcome his challenges and fall victim to thoughts of relapse. A movie that will make you think about life and maybe even help make the right decisions to lead the best, healthy life possible and not stray down the wrong path. Clean and Sober is one of Keaton's undisputed best roles as it excels in many great areas of realism and human struggle. It reminded me a lot of the movie 'My Name is Bill W.' a rough biography film about Bill W. the founder of Alcoholic's Anonymous. 4.0 starz.

WS W (au) wrote: Huppert in her late 20s.


Ashley H (de) wrote: King Creole is an excellent film. It is about Danny Fisher who takes a job as a singer in the King Creole nightclub to support his unemployed father. Elvis Presley and Carolyn Jones give incredible performances. The screenplay is well written. Michael Curtiz did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and music.

Bill T (br) wrote: I'm still amazed at the Thin Man series. They still are maintaining a very cool quality and amazing screenwriting at this, the 4th movie in the series. Even with an addition of a cute kid in the mix and the oblihatory scenes of Nick being cute with the kid, a murder mystery still happens, and once again, only Nick Charles seems to make the pieces fit. Nora again doesnt have much to do, but does throw herself in from time to time. No complaints about this one at all.

Megan L (it) wrote: 3rd greatest movie of all time? I don't think so. Maybe i"m just missing something, but I don't understand whats so amazing about this movie. I think it's a very good film, but I expected more.

Cliff M (ru) wrote: Why would a young person want to see a movie where old people fly into space? Answer, the same as why the movie sends them to space....because they show you how it's done. Great chemistry between the lead stars. Recommended for all ages.