Serial Mom

Serial Mom

A picture perfect middle class family is shocked when they find out that one of their neighbors is receiving obscene phone calls. The mom takes slights against her family very personally, and it turns out she is indeed the one harassing the neighbor. As other slights befall her beloved family, the body count begins to increase.

An outwardly perfect suburban housewife leads a secret life as a psychopathic killer. When the woman's crimes, all committed to uphold her vision of family values, are revealed, the housewife becomes a media sensation, winning the hearts of millions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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benji l (nl) wrote: it just makes me shocked at how the guys in charge thought that kids would actually get up and dance to some of the worst songs in general history, let alone think that it could get a higher score than 1/5

Claudia E (es) wrote: guaranteed to make u laugh

Rakesh N (es) wrote: Utterly disappointed.... there is nothing in the movie... especially coming from Isabel Coixet who gave us "My Life without Me"...............

Leaf A (jp) wrote: Horrible movie...both characters prove themselves to be immature and awful friends. I can't like either of them. I also find it unrealistic that "Liv"'s fiance would marry her in the end after what they do to each other.

WS W (ca) wrote: Korean ? Les Liaisons Dangereuses ?.Not a very interesting adaptation to me.

Eliabeth M (us) wrote: This is by far the worse movie I ever see. Oh, the humanity!

Jiana W (de) wrote: Haha, I loved this movie growing up. I knew all the songs and the dialogue. Rodney's wisecracks were hilarious, and even my parents liked this film. Too funny.

Jessica H (br) wrote: It's a good movie, a woman blames sexiem, when really what she thought she knew,she knew nothing about. She goes therough this entire production only to learn a few needed ;essons and becomes better for it. This is to be expected from that time period as well as interesting fashions and hair. still I can continue to watch this movie years later. the first time I even saw it it was already dated, but I still liked it. there are so many things in the first 10 minutes alone that could spark up dozens of debates.

Indira S (ag) wrote: Anthony Perkins was always good.. :D

Andy P (nl) wrote: It's a shocking and suspenseful thriller with old school horror elements and a modern eye for what really scares people. Bogdanovich's terrific debut is one of the finest in cinema.

Becky C (ru) wrote: Much better than its beginning or any trailer could suggest. Sort of like a bunch of caricatures running around, but can't deny that it's got some surprising heart to it.

Rebeka H (it) wrote: one of my faves so funny

Sean D (nl) wrote: Platoon is one of those quintessential war films. It's one of the most important films of the 1980's to cinema and as such, one of the most remembered and cult films of all times. The entire story is essentially narrated from a future Charlie Sheen retelling as well as you see him directly living it as he talks about himself and others of his recount of the Vietnam War and his personal and his platoon or regiment's experiences. It does a pretty good job of breaking up the action sequences with dramatic or just straight talking scenes. This film is probably a fictitious retelling and generally has to do with the inner struggles of the platoon. There's a lot of good actors in this, and some you may haven't heard about because they weren't main or supporting characters like the most minor roles I've ever seen played by Tony Todd and Johnny Depp. If you were to talk to your friends about this film and what they remember, they probably wouldn't remember right away that those and some others were actually in this film. I wasn't fully entertained by this film, but I can appreciate how put together it was. This may be the greatest acting performance and the most important acting role that Charlie Sheen has ever played in his career. I've seen a lot of his works, and acting-wise, it was him who drew me to wanting to watch this film and own it in the first place. His storytelling and acting in this film is superb and the scene with the Vietnamese girl is probably one of his best along with the scene pretty much at the end of the film.