Serious Moonlight

Serious Moonlight

A high-powered attorney duct tapes her adulterous husband to the toilet ... right before their home is invaded by burglars.

When Louise, a high-powered attorney, discovers that her husband Ian is about to leave her for another woman Sara, she prevents him from doing so by binding him to a chair with duct tape. She tries to persuade and convince him that he still loves her, but... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sally A (nl) wrote: nice movie, i dont watch movie like this much, but this one is good.

Asif K (fr) wrote: Fantastic and outstanding movie! Great story plot about the perservance of young women in sports: field hockey. Shahrukh Khan is phenomenal in this movie., he gave an outstanding and damn natural acting. the other girls were great too. Awesome music. Definitely worthy. a must watch. this movie is truly inspirational and inspiring to watch, a pure sports drama, superb. brilliantly made movie. Director Shimit Amin and his cast bring considerable conviction to familiar characters and situations. a very different movie.

Lisa H (au) wrote: Alll I can say is .... BAD

Felicia C (es) wrote: Magic realism on speed.

Kenneth H (au) wrote: This is a better movie than Infernal Affairs II, I can say that much. Certain parts of the film, like what happens to Ming after Yan's death and Yan's interactions with Dr. Lee (who looks really good in this film) were really interesting to watch. Much of the rest of the film is not so interesting, and is instead just filler with people I don't care about (the same complaint that applied for most of Internal Affairs II). Like, I didn't care about that whole deal with the mainlanders. Yeung was not a particularly interesting character either.This movie did do a good job as a character study of the three main characters. We see the lighter side of Yan (who is conspicuously missing his facial hair in this one) and how he tried to adjust to his difficult life as the police's mole. We see Lee's concern for him as a patient start to become something else. And we see Ming struggle with his guilty conscience and desire to just get rid of his dark past and live as the "good guy".My big complaint with this movie was the way that it was set up. The movie tried to be a combination of prequel and sequel, cutting back and forth between events before Yan's death and after the same way that The Godfather Part II cut back and forth between Vito's early life and Michael's later life. It was bad enough in The Godfather Part II, but this movie does it even less gracefully, often switching in random spots or with barely enough transition to let me know that I was going to a different storyline. The movie helpfully provides dates but even so the effect (e.g. Yan suddenly popping up again) was often jarring and made it harder to follow what was going on. In general I think that while some cutting is always necessary to break up the monotony of a given storyline, doing it excessively breaks up its cohesion and makes it difficult to follow - which the editing of this movie certainly did.

David C (us) wrote: Quelqu'un a deja entendu parle de ce "Appel au Meurtre"? Par contre, tout le monde ou presque connait "Phone Game". Pas de polemique mais il ne serait pas faux de parler de forte inspiration car les scenarios sont tres proches l'un de l'autre. Sauf que "Appel au Meurtre" est anterieur a "Phone Game"... Raison de plus pour apprecier et respecter ce petit film a la forme peut-etre moins allechante, mais au fond tout aussi interessant!

Simon D (mx) wrote: Blimey, I thought that there weren't any half decent Stephen King films made after needful things but obviously, I was wrong. This is not your typical King story mind. To be honest it's a pretty messed up story, which is usually a good thing. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this film.

JJ H (de) wrote: Bad sequel from a wonderful original film that was charming and sad, as of this one is disgusting and boring.

Mark R (nl) wrote: What an amazing cinematic experience!!! Watched it a while ago and it's still with me!!!

Jennifer P (kr) wrote: Everything Mae West does is brilliant, add WC Fields and you can't beat it