Serpent's Lair

Serpent's Lair

Tom is seduced by a succubus (Lilith) who's out to drain him and destroy his marriage.

Tom is seduced by a succubus (Lilith) who's out to drain him and destroy his marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bhavesh S (mx) wrote: I deserve flak for even attempting to watch this C Grade Movie. The 1 star is coz the duration is less than 2 hrs.

David S (ag) wrote: bun drama con tintes de comedia de las relacioens de 2 parejas y de las pobres decisiones que toman con respecto a su pareja y sus consecuencias... pero hey, es hollywood y nos gustan los happy endings, ademas que los personajes te provocan mucha empatia en algun momento de la pelicula heheesta bien, para verla con la pareja y asi

Jack P (it) wrote: A fairly bland and uninteresting kids film.

Thomas D (ca) wrote: As the trio gets older the films become a little darker and more mature. Watching the Harry Potter series within days of each other can be a tough adjustment. Especially considering how family friendly the first two installments are, but no matter the subtitle, Harry Potter films always maintain that fun atmosphere.Harry and his buddies have turned 13, his first year of his teens, and this film subtly tackles some common issues that an early teen has. Not only is Harry dealing with the angst of trying to be independent from his muggle family, but he then is forced with coming to terms with an estranged family member returning to find Harry, Sirius Black. All the films have relatively the same setting, characters, and tone, but Prisoner of Azkaban is clearly a part of a maturation process for Harry. There's something to be said for a film that takes its franchise in a totally new direction (i.e. Fast Five), but I also can't help but think this film was missing a few familiar plot points.Alfonso Cuarn took the reigns from Chris Columbus and he brought a refreshing take on the Potterverse. Just by simply looking at the advancement of technology in CGI and in the unique camera movements/shots, this was going to be a different Potter film. Cuarn brought along Michael Gambon as the new Dumbledore, after the unfortunate passing of Richard Harris. As great as Harris is, his calming presence may not have worked as Dumbledore here. Gambon fits in well as a more demanding and mysterious headmaster than in the previous two films.With that said, Voldemort's lack of presence is definitely felt. I enjoy the late-game twist in the film's villain and I understand we don't necessarily need him every film, but there was barely any mention of him. Yes, that's the way it is in the book, but for me, it degrades the score a bit. The focus here is more on Sirius Black and Professor Lupin. Both of which have unexpected twists and turns that make the third act quite the whirlwind. To me, this film plays more as a part 1 of 2 to the Goblet of Fire, because we only get a glimpse into Pettigrew and his relation to the dark lord and Harry's parents. Either way, Prisoner of Azkaban is a welcomed changeup in the film's franchise and one that, on repeat viewings, only gets better. I mean, who doesn't love time travel, Hippogriff's, a long awaited punch, a little quality time with Harry & Hermione, and one big twist right? It's a slower pace and a darker tone, but Prisoner of Azkaban is no slouch of a film.+ Cuarn's different style+Gary Oldman enters the picture+Fantastic visuals/cinematography+Hermione & Harry team-up-No Voldemort presence8.7/10

Andy T (ru) wrote: Even though it brings out a spectacular, unforgettable, and amazing performance from the one and only Denzel Washington, Training Day's hugely disappointing ending and a complete and implausible change of character ultimately ruined the movie's great premise and potential as a rugged and tense police drama.

Jacob Z (it) wrote: Alien 3 was the installment that kinda broke things for the franchise. It's rather disorganized, weakly scripted and has a terrible downer beginning and ending which soils the film's worth.

Elvis T (nl) wrote: Brilliant cinematography. I love how Noe chose such an undelicate profession for the protagonist.

Katerina B (kr) wrote: After this film Kusturica gained fame beyond Yugoslavia. A nice and touching story about a young boy - Dino. About first love and all this youth rubbish about making the world a better place. My all time favorite!

Eric H (fr) wrote: Thx-1138 ushered in an era where pessimism concerning human progress was a common theme in science fiction films. Thx-1138 addresses so many societal issues such as effects of the media on the masses, chemical psychiatry, free will, self realization, the role of the civilian in government. When the movie was first screened to Warner Brothers they hated it and later when it was released in 1971 it received mixed reactions from audiences. Whether you liked it or hated it you will probably remember this movie.

Dan P (br) wrote: Yet another movie that features Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp in Tombstone. A John Ford classic. Walter Brennan always plays a good crusty character.

Leonard D (nl) wrote: It was fun, and Robin Williams is one of the best parts of the film. Unfortunately, a bunch of stuff happens in this film, which doesn't make sense. It's complicated for me to explain allot of it, because I haven't seen the entire flick in many years!