Serving Up Richard

Serving Up Richard

Everett and Glory Hutchins live in a typical middle class neighborhood. Maybe your neighborhood. The Hutchins have a "guestroom" in their home. It's not exactly a business. It's a hobby. Or...

Everett and Glory Hutchins live in a typical middle class neighborhood. Maybe your neighborhood. The Hutchins have a "guestroom" in their home. It's not exactly a business. It's a hobby. Or... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kathleen p (es) wrote: Barbie and the secret door we have to do same way in my side of more look had see them before you as come there over hand about the barbie another one is stay with help well she your away to back go we best ever in safe on me with together and the look more than we stay

Kevin B (gb) wrote: This movie looks like its gonna be crazy funny. Kevin Hart & lil Bobb'e are some of the funniest actors of there generation keep up young brothers.

Marissa S (mx) wrote: Loved it! If you like Burn Notice, and Sam is one of your favorite characters...then you will too!!

Jonathan P (gb) wrote: Plot/story line starts off well, but the last 30min of the movie kills it. 1.5 stars bc the actors were decent... 1.5 stars bc the movie had a bad story

Wiktoria G (it) wrote: First of all... this picture is a bit like some kind of misterium... really deep... makes you think about basic things in a different, really ascetic but so much happier way... and it make me realze... I'd newer think that I would say it... how much do I miss my homeland... :(

Private U (mx) wrote: this movie is the begining of the first true revolution

kandi l (es) wrote: i have neever seen i bet itis bad but i dont care i rate it 5

Anthony K (fr) wrote: As I've said before, movie nights are somewhat a tradition at my place, but not in the way you would think. A rousing evening of drinking and petty gossip inevitably leads to a "have you seen ____?" conversation. If the answer is no, then by God we need to watch it now! Everyone bolts to the couch and we pop in the Blu-Ray (because between my roommates, regular visitors and myself, we own pretty much every disc that our poor Sony machine will read). Beer in hand and drinking game rules on our phones, the adventure begins.Like many movies before it, I viewed "Drop Dead Gorgeous" in this glorious tradition. Now before I go any further, I admit that sitting in front of a 40 inch plasma and sporting a sarcastic buzz inevitably affects the critical filter through which I watch a movie for better or worse. Prime example: "Escape from New York." A couple years ago, my college roommates and I decided to pop in this John Carpenter cult classic and drink like Civil War soldiers who were about to be amputated. Had I been sober, I probably would have nodded my head and gave the movie an emphatic "meh." As I rounded the corner of my third Dos Equis, however, I realized it was one of the greatest action films I'd ever seen (minus the unadulterated thrills of "Singham," but I'll get to that in another review). The point is, the drink affects the experience as much as the venue, medium or company you keep."Drop Dead Gorgeous" is a pretty funny movie. It's sporadically hysterical and has some darkly funny moments, but falls flat on its face as often as it achieves hilarity. In my drunken, foggy state, however, it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. There's just something about seeing pre-fame Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams and Brittany Murphy competing in a small town high school beauty pageant amidst a murder spree that really resonates with the drunken degenerate in me. Shot mockumentary style and featuring cringe-worthy performances a la "The Office," the film captures a special piece of dead-end nowhere Americana that defines itself through the most trivial of events. Think "Friday Night Lights," but instead of footballs, we have plastic tiaras. These girls and their parents become so invested in the trials and tribulations of the local high school beauty pageant that they go to any length to win, even murder. Unfortunately, the film never finds its footing, never knowing how black to make its comedy.If you want my advice, try downing three shots of Wild Turkey and inviting over a couple friends before embarking on this late-90s tour de force. In the right company and state of mind, you can enjoy any movie. Except "Battlefield Earth." Stay as far away from that one as you can.

Kyria A (kr) wrote: I found it interesting to learn that Crispin Glover invented the Rubin character first, then Trent Harris put him in a movie. In preparation for the role, Glover walked around New York dressed like Rubin, which, he said at the Q&A, was NOT retro-chic at the time. When he went on Letterman as Rubin, this movie was not even in production yet. Beyond that, it's pretty much impossible to give a critical read on a movie with absolutely no pretense whatsoever. That is to say: it could have been a lot better, but then it would have been a much worse movie. Additionally, my cat can eat a whole watermelon.

Pia K (ca) wrote: Omaelmnkertaan perustuva kuvaus sotilaan (Vietnamin) sodassa saamista vammoista ja ahdingosta sodan jlkeen, huh... (Suom. Syntynyt 4. heinkuuta)

Kevin J (jp) wrote: Overall, Absence of Malice has a compelling story and great acting from Paul Newman (who plays Paul Newman here) and Sally Field, but fails to generate enough interest in the proceedings to keep you hooked. Luckily, the acting is good enough to largely overlook that, but at the end of the day, film must entertain and Absence of Malice, though not a total bore, certainly struggles in that area. Not hard to see why the Academy would recognize the acting, but not much about the film itself (other than the writing).

Erin T (it) wrote: Abosolutely hilarious movie....makes me laugh every time.

House M (nl) wrote: One of the best mystery films, that only Alfred can pull out, ever made. If you have the opportunity to watch in a big screen, go for it, you really feel the heights better. I will never forget the Vertigo tree scene, that inspired "La Jete". I remember when I saw it for the first time, I was probably 13-14, and how it made me wonder about life. Amazing. A must see, on my top 20 best films, and on my top 10 mystery flicks.

KingDoge G (fr) wrote: Just quite simply shit.