Sesso e volentieri

Sesso e volentieri

Episodic film. "The Princess and the waiter": after managing to get into the good graces of a beautiful princess, a waiter is constantly disturbed by his bodyguards. "Lady Jane": a suitor seeks to remove from the troubles the wife of a minister petomane. "Sunday in" many viewers remain with his hands clasped over his head, a result of the experiment unsuccessful Giucas Casella. And then "The new Marisa" (which would be a prostitute), "Radio Taxi", "Razor old" (a barber jealous), "Weapon nda and violinist", "Honeymoon" (a sheikh seduces her husband of a young couple).

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Aiden A (au) wrote: A British comedy that revolves around an unlikeable main character. If you have kids they might want to watch this movie, and I warn you, don't let them. If you want me to summarize how you will react to this filth, well... As a fictional character once said "Oh yes, there will be blood.Half a star/5

Gregory H (ca) wrote: Pretty good, just not what I was expecting. Tony Manero is about a serial killer in 1978 Chile who is obsessed with Saturday Night Fever and leads a troupe of dancers who impersonate the latter film's protagonist. Many critics have (somewhat ingenuously) cited the film as an indictment of then head of state General Pinochet's regime, and have suggested that the director is using the killings carried out by the main character as a metaphor for the killings being carried out by the Chilean security services at the time. I myself would say the film is far more apolitical than that. Unlike Pinochet, this killer does not kill anyone because of their political views, he does it out of sheer self-interest. The extent of the film's political commentary amounts to two scenes in which leftist dissidents are tracked down and brutalised by the secret police and our serial killer anti-hero evades capture, thereby suggesting that the Chilean security services at the time were far more interested in silencing voices of dissent than in punishing actual criminals. In summary then, a good movie, but contrary to what many critics would have you believe, one that works much better as a dark psychological drama than as a chronicle of social history.

Karolina H (nl) wrote: Twisted movie. Jakob Cedergren is good but not sure about if the story is plausible...

Leigh R (jp) wrote: Such a sweet tale. Not the best acting or direction, but it has charm.

Dave F (de) wrote: Great weird movie, nice and dark

Denislav R (ag) wrote: I can not give this movie a bad score. Like, I physically can not. There is too much nostalgia with this one.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Muy underground, rayando maravillosamente en un surrealismo solapado. La recomiendo...

Brynn H (br) wrote: i actually really liked this concept but i think another half hour of it would have helped cause it didn't really resolve everything.

Meghan M (fr) wrote: I just love this movie

Tom R (au) wrote: I was expecting python style farce from this Terry Jones creation but what I got was a more subtle type of humour about a single mum waitress turned brothel owner, her clients and collegues. Characteristically Julie Walters was great, as was the supporting cast. The kinky situations kept me laughing, but (not making the film less funny) it also seemed to me tinged with tragedy.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 86% The ending was a bit of a let down, other then that, I really enjoyed this dark film.

David F (ag) wrote: A movie about making a move, full of manic, non-stop happenings. It treats the busy lives of everyone in the cast and crew glibly but there is always something surprising and unpredictable happening. I love the cat who refuses to lap up the milk. It's like a feline metaphor for the way that everything that can go wrong does go wrong. The movie gets made in spite of and not because of all the efforts of those tasked with making it.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Good war drama with Burton well cast in the lead role for what is an entertaining version of the book.

Michael S (br) wrote: I'm not exactly the largest fan of these kinds of comedies, but Duck Soup was a rousing romp of mile a minute comedy. It's just over an hour long so if you want to watch something fairly short but definitely funny. Give this classic a watch.

Shawn W (au) wrote: A pair of con artists try to find a missing heir to a wealthy woman's fortune. Alfred Hitchcock's final film and not up to the high standards of his earlier work. Starts to drag on, probably would have been better with a half hour shaved off and believable seances.

Shane F (jp) wrote: If you love you comic book action, then this movie is for you. Bats is his usual acerbic, focussed self, while Lantern provides comic moments-plenty with his brash, know-it-all style. By Hera Wonder Woman is aggressive and kick-ass (intentional movie reference) to the extreme. Throw in an alien invasion headed by Darkseid, an all-time fave villain of mine and a mind-blowing Cyborg transformation and you have a cracking Movie. Enjoy.

Rafal K (ru) wrote: Quite an interesting movie both from the perspective of drama as well as suspense.

ersbryson b (kr) wrote: The biggest question is why does Chris avenge Alicia. It's probably both because he loves her and he feels guilty for not being able to save her.