Sesuatu yang tertinggal

Sesuatu yang tertinggal

he movie revolves around Arshad, Mona, Zakiah, Ashraf, Daud and Murni who are orphans in an orphanage undergoing an experience that has haunted them since they moved in to a new house. As the orphans were cleaning the house, they come across an antique cupboard and decide to move it to another room. Arshad found a mysterious mirror and gives it to Mona but doesn't know that there is something special the mirror. People in the school begin to suspect that Mona is possessed. The orphans must now plan something to capture the force that is dwelling in Mona - but they must first find out what is the significance of the mirror and the cupboard.

The movie revolves around Arshad, Mona, Zakiah, Ashraf, Daud and Murni who are orphans in an orphanage undergoing an experience that has haunted them since they moved in to a new house. As ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlando O (us) wrote: Bleed for This a sports drama based on the champion boxer Vinny Pazienza and the accident that almost left him paralyzed. It does not stop him on the road to recovery in training to get back into the boxing ring. These films are suppose to make you feel a little inspirational seeing real life situations happening to real people. The film does show very little for the inspiration. Vinny (Miles Teller) is a cocky boxer, who rigs his body weight to meet the requirements. After the car accident, that leaves him wearing a halo ring on his neck for six months to recover. And the doctors telling him he is unable to ever go back in the ring. He spends his day, eating junk food, watching day time tv, going to strip clubs, and hanging out with his personal trainer Kevin (Aaron Eckhart). Vinny decides that he needs to work harder to train himself to get back into the ring against the doctors wishes. The positive things about Bleed for This is it tries to have a fun sense of 1980s direction with the music soundtrack. Also, the inspirational true story about a boxer never letting a severe injury from stopping him to doing what he is inspired to do. The climax of the boxing match as Vinny is risking himself from severing his spinal cord from a single bad throw that can paralyze him was cringe worthy. Also, Miles Teller did a great job in portraying Vinny Pazienza. Aaron Eckhart playing a balding out of shape trainer was also good. The negative thing about the film besides knowing how the turn out and what will happen to the character ends. I felt like the direction could have been a little stronger with its inspirational tone. The film does so well in trying to have a fun 80s tone, or delivering great performances with the cast. To make you feel for the moment and making it memorable unlike the others does not have much going for the movie. It can get pretty slow in the middle of the film until Vinny tries to lift weights while recovering. The music score Julia Holter does so little in making a memorable score besides having a couple of beat down 80s song. Overall, Bleed for This is a fair sports drama film that has good talent, and an inspired concept but does so little with trying so hard on making the movie emotional. The hard recovery the boxer went through will be inspired as a strong motivation but the film sadly will easily be forgotten.

James B (jp) wrote: Kinda amusing in a rom-com kinda way.

Darren P (nl) wrote: It started off so electric and then became so stale.

Cynthia O (ag) wrote: This documentary is absolutely eye opening. I never really never exactly what a vegan was and what it entailed, but this movie completely "Vegucated" me about some absolutely fascinating reasons and provides compelling evidence to consider about ALL food choices for the better! Everyone who loves animals (pets etc) should consider watching this movie ASAP! IT's not what you think in a good way.

Matt L (us) wrote: Just saw it. Loved it. Jay Mewes has a classic BALLER STATUS scene. Action is great and the chicks are hot!!!

Tristan B (ca) wrote: A masterpiece, no other words. Badly directed, the script could have led to a try-hard tear-jerker film. But instead, the co-directors managed to make a film with the best/most genuine friendship I have ever seen, a film which gets you laughing and crying the next scene. Overall, it is a film that will make you feel amazing once you end it. I guarantee it.

Mason T (au) wrote: This movie honestly wasn't that great. It was loaded with waaay over the top sexual humor. The only good thing about this movie was Satchem and Julie's determination to compromise each others dreams to be together. Other than that, it wasn't even funny.

bill s (br) wrote: A splatter film with no splatter.A rather blahhhh slasher film with no real sense of self.

Jordan F (ag) wrote: Its starring monk is truly the only thing holding this mess together.

Muffin M (mx) wrote: Three egotistical swingers, who think they're God's gift to women, end up having their friendships tested when all three of them pick up and start dating the same woman. stars Amanda Peet, Brian Van Holt, Judah Domke, Zorie Barber, Jonathan Abrahams, Callie Thorne and Beth Ostrosky.directed by Peter M. Cohen.

Damon R (de) wrote: An interesting movie with a sense of humor and sex. Oh, yeah. There's action in it as well.

Moose M (kr) wrote: No man is superior to hercules.

Naoya K (es) wrote: Absolutely fantastic.

Trent R (mx) wrote: Jam-packed with racist b.s., this reminded me of the original Scarface in a bad way. This lacks that film's great focus and drive. Beery's portrayal is equally crude and self-contradictory, but less overtly cro-magnon than Muni's. Villa is depicted alternately as a coward, homicidal bully, rapist, and pitiable hero. The symbolism is driven into the ground. This pastiche has nothing to do with any specific stereotype or revisionist agenda, but is just erratic and broad. There are some great battle scenes thanks to Wellman, and many nice establishing shots no doubt left over from Hawks remaining footage. But Conway carries the show, in ham-handed fashion. A few interesting sequences carry it along, and interesting portrayals of the media and foreign powers. But it's largely a failed, moralistic epic of racism too lacking in any real knowledge of it's subject to distort or inflate.

Scott M (it) wrote: Best documentary ever, no doubt about it. You will cry.

Paul D (ca) wrote: The story lacks a little fizz, but there's still a decent amount of tension created as the three troubled souls go on the run across Greece, with the country superbly shot by the production, especially as this is a period drama.

Dewey F (ru) wrote: "There's a .45 in the fridge, and you grab a FUCKING frying pan! "

Anna P (fr) wrote: seemed like low budget but i found it kinda cute and I liked the script.