Set Fire To The Stars

Set Fire To The Stars

An aspiring poet in 1950s New York has his ordered world shaken when he embarks on a week-long retreat to save his hell raising hero, Dylan Thomas.

The film follows the effort of literary professor John Brinnin when bringing Welsh poet Dylan Thomas to perform in New York. After a week helping Dylan to stay away from alcohol, John realizes how much he wants to protect his friend instead of his career as first thought. Dylan also teaches John the lesson about poetry: the feeling is more important than technique. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Set Fire To The Stars torrent reviews

yasmin (ca) wrote: cool and colorful movie wiz great songs and comedy. Entertainment at its hight. (i was skeptical of watching it at first, but now its one of my fav)

Nicolas M (ag) wrote: Une histoire assez classique de garde du corps. Malheureusement, ils ont du oublier d'en tirer un scenario : les incoherences et les trous sont legions. De plus, l'acteur principal, amorphe, est charismatique comme un cintre et les autres autour de lui en font des caisses. L'ensemble frise le ridicule.

Aisha S (gb) wrote: It's funny, how each character acts.

Farah R (es) wrote: An ordinary story made into an unimpressive movie.

Kandis A (ag) wrote: I love this movie!!!! I can quote the movie line by line!!!

Sam M (nl) wrote: Not bad baseball flick. Nostalgic win.

Jonnetta A (us) wrote: LOVE MARTIN TOO FUNNY

Ben M (fr) wrote: Seriously, guys, this movie is da bomb! It was the "Scott Pilgrim" of its era!!

Lloyd B (jp) wrote: I think a pretty watchable Film, easy to follow. Starring Liam Neesam. Good Story of a old skool Manhunt....

ken k (mx) wrote: Good, well acted 80 minute thriller. Might want to leave the subtitles on for the strong English accents. Only for the details but not completely necessary to enjoy the film.