Sete Dias de Agonia

Sete Dias de Agonia

After a heavy rain storm, several vehicles get stuck on a muddy road. Soon hunger and fatigue change people's manners, making them behave in a very noncivilized way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Post G (de) wrote: Extremely disappointing follow-up after "Look Both Ways". Cheesy, fairly predictable, and with no strong narrative structure. Attempts to tackle difficult issues, but really just mopes around superficially. Much like the main character.

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Anthony K (gb) wrote: I loved this movie, and for me, it did what I think Blue Jasmine did for the critics at the time. It's a sobering character study of a woman whose narcissistic shell has started to crumble, as age and alcoholism have rendered her unlikely to get that 'specialness' constantly validated. Young Adult can be incredibly painful to watch, but there's truth behind every line; Charlize Theron's incredible talent makes her pro/antagonist character pitiful rather than hateable. The last 25 minutes or so in particular are particularly wrenching, yet a masterclass in understated acting.