An intimate journey through the Bosnian Blues.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:66 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Croatian,Bosnian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:longing,   bosnia,  

An intimate journey through the Bosnian Blues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott M (mx) wrote: A well made drama. The director accurately portrayed what recovering from a stroke is like.

Christopher E (ag) wrote: Compelling and powerful in many ways, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is not only the best film in the franchise, but a near flawless one in that.With the 74th annual Hunger Games behind them, Katniss tries to live her life with the aftermath of the games. However, when the third Quarter Quell is put into place, not only is she thrust back into the games, but a bigger and darker revolution is taking place within Panem.Okay, so I wasn't the biggest fan of the first film, as it not only paled in comparison to the novel, but it struggled in many ways. However, not only did I feel that this was the best Hunger Games film yet, but I actually thought it was an amazing film altogether. The way it was able to explore thought provoking themes and really deliver this amazing story not only shocked me, but I genuinely loved this movie in many ways. First off, bravo to the director, Francis Lawrence. This film felt very smooth with its sequence of events and it didn't feel nearly as choppy as the first film did. From the first hour of setup to the finale, I was honestly hooked on the entire ride. Everything is just so intriguing and thought provoking, and when you're able to explore more into the ideas of revolution and hope, it really makes the film something else. I think one thing this sequel does amazing that other franchises often lack on is the fact that they make the universe so much deeper and they establish the world of Panem very well. I want to watch these characters interact and I want to see the tragedies within Panem, and it all just gets to you in different ways. It's entertaining and smart all at the same time.The returning cast not only do a great job, but I think they all stepped up from the previous film. Jennifer Lawrence, again, shows why she's one of the top female talents in Hollywood. She's really established her name in cinema and there's no one better suited to play Katniss. The emotion and natural charisma she brings to this role makes her irreplaceable. Josh Hutcherson and Woody Harrelson are both fantastic in their parts still, while the consistency of their personalities make them excellent supporting characters. New additions Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, and more, all bring so many different angles to the film and they're just more characters for us to cheer for. Everyone in this movie really did a fantastic job, from returning crew to new additions. The screenplay of this movie was brilliantly written, making it eye opening for first viewers and even better for repeat viewings. Like I've stated multiple times, they aren't afraid to go deeper into their messages, as there really is a powerful and dark story to be told. It really does get you emotionally attached when you see the dire nature of the situation at hand and it engulfs you into its world. The dialogue was very smart and I felt like each character's dialogue was very unique for the characters themselves. Everyone gets an established personality and not only was the dialogue subtlety smart, but it was intriguing. When nothing is really happening or they're just in conversation, they still manage to keep you focused on the film and they somehow hold your attention for a blistering 2 hour 20 minute run time, which is an impressive feat.The visuals were much more improved in this film also. When they get into the arena, the color pallet looks stunning, the environment feels real, the CGI looks modern, and everything is just visually pleasing. It's important that what you see and what you hear are top quality, even if the audience doesn't recognize it up front. This movie looked amazing and it surely brings a whole other level to the franchise. In the end, this movie is so smart and emotionally powerful in many ways. The more I think about it, the more I realize that this movie didn't really do anything wrong. Yes, if you dig deep enough, there can be some glaring questions, but overall, I felt like this movie was executed perfectly. Its twists and turns manages to make this movie stand out, and I had goose bumps on more than one occasion. This is one of the deepest explorations of a YA novel that I've ever seen, and it truly deserves this rating. This isn't my favorite film of all time or anything, but in reality, it does deserve this rating.

Don S (kr) wrote: A Spanish horror movie that is compared favorably to Pan's Labyrinth for some reason. The only connection I see is Guillermo del Toro, who did not direct this one unfortunately. While Labyrinth is stylish and unique, this is slow, overlong, and boring. Nothing happens in this movie with the exception of a mental breakdown for the main character. I fail to see it as even being a horror movie.

Eddie K (fr) wrote: This is easily my favorite movie of all time. Crowe and Bettany perfectly exemplify the Aubrey/Maturin relationship. The scenery is perfect and the ship life is exhilarating. The crowning achievement of this film is it's score. Yo-Yo Ma leading the orchestral Bach is incredible. This is the pinnacle film for any lover of the great age of sail.

Li B (ag) wrote: So poor Demi Moore wakes up in her other life whenever she falls asleep, and doesn't know which one is real. One is a high-powered single career woman in a NYC penthouse with roof garden, and the other is a widow with 2 lovely daughters in a country house in provincial France. In both she has perfect hair, tons of sex, and everyone loves her. The only outcome that would have made this ridiculous fantasy work for me is if she woke up at the end in her true life as an overweight lower-middle-class housewife in a suburb of a minor city in middle America.

Vampirechikk n (es) wrote: the 3rd in the Anne Of Green Gables trilogy , and one of the most romantic movies Ever !

Aj V (mx) wrote: This is a very interesting documentary on the work of Star Trek fans, and it feels like it was made more for the fans than documentary lovers. There are a ton of famous Trek actors in this movie who come to talk about the phenomenon of the TV series, and its impact on people's lives all over the world. If, for some reason I can't think of, Star Trek ceased to exist, then this would be the perfect documentary to show future generations what it was all about. I don't like a lot of documentaries, and like others it gets a bit boring at times, but it's the best movie to watch if you want to understand Trekkies.

Cisco T (ag) wrote: Im a basketball player and its always sad to see the talent gone to waist like Earl Manigault. He fell down a thousand times but managed to survive and make good for his community and thats what its all about. Talent is nothing if your not a man. RIP the Goat.

Bill M (es) wrote: If you are a gore hound and love weird, dark, twisted 80's horror flicks from the vhs age and the sort of gloopy, gross, slimy effects you would usually get in films of that era, then you will dig the hell out of Xtro. It's one fucked up film if i do say so, full of the sort of insane "what the fuck am i looking at"? sort of imagery that i love to see. It starts off as a simple alien abduction story, with a dad and husband getting taken by a big bright light in the sky, but then things veer off .....somewhere else... violently, shit gets flat out demented by the midway point especially, with the arrival of a terrifying evil midget clown brought to life by a kid with alien mind powers. Seriously, it's no masterpiece, but you really need to just see this thing, it's a disgusting delight, you truly never know where it's going to take you next or what depraved bizarreness is going to occur. A nasty, batshit crazy little gem.

Donald W (nl) wrote: This is the sequel to the movie Tony Rome. It's not that much different than Tony Rome. This movie has Raquel Welch and Dan Blocker to add more star power. The dead blond Tony Rome finds in the ocean turns out to be a go-go dancer. Dan Blocker's character hires him to find out if the dead girl is a missing girl he's looking for. That leads him to a go-go club. Go-go clubs were a 1960's version of strip clubs back when nude dancing was illegal. During the movie he also has to go to an old fashion burlesque club were the dancers are on a stage in an auditorium with the customers setting is chairs like a play. He also has to go to a message parlor. Dan Blocker's character is hiding from the police at the message parlor. When Tony Rome finds him he's watching Bonanza. Later when Tony Rome is accused of killing the manager of the go-go club he hides from the police at a hotel and finds the pool boy watching Daniel Boone. I know that Daniel Boone was popular in 1968 and I get the inside joke of Dan Blocker watching himself on TV. Raquel Welch seemed to be wearing a lot wigs. She looked the best without the wig in the swimming pool scene. Dan Blocker's character is shot in the leg with a .45 but it only makes him limp. Movies used to underestimate the damage a gun does to people. In real life you would be lucky not to have your leg amputated after being shot in the leg with a .45. The problem with this movie is that there is not enough Dan Blocker and Raquel Welch.

Christopher A (ca) wrote: One of my fav sci-fi movies when I was younger. Cheesy and sappy, but great at the same time. Plays and feels like it was made in the 80s, but that's okay cause it was.

Glenne L (ag) wrote: Never fear, Miss Meadows is here. I saw the movie as a unique, fairly odd but interesting imagination. It brings you to this fantasy of a quirky quaintrelle with modern hopeful values; that this world can be a better place. Katie Holmes will always be phenomenon; did a really good job at fulfilling all of our fantasy on this movie.

Olli G (mx) wrote: Extremely forgettable cliche of a film. Predictable to the last but not devoid of laughs and good moments.

Ty P (ca) wrote: A bit of a new-age classic, even if it contains some poor acting and a badly read script.

Sersh F (nl) wrote: Realmente inspirador