Seve The Movie

Seve The Movie

Seve combined dramatic recreations with electrifying archive footage to tell his incredible rags to rich story. From his childhood on the beaches of Spain - where he was 6 he taught himself the game with a broken 3 iron strapped to a stick - to becoming the number one greatest golfer of a generation. Whether he could do it or not? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tinus d (mx) wrote: Entertaining and quite enjoyable.

Hli L (ag) wrote: This is a great example of why we need to see more films about women made by women. Go Andrea Arnold, the queen of 4:3 aspect ratio!

Aaron C (ca) wrote: not a bad assassin tale, but the pacing is a little erratic

Patt M (gb) wrote: Beautiful, and borderline nonsense.This movie is a clash of incomplete narratives, unexplained coincidences, allegory and ideas. It's a rich B-movie executed with the skill of a master director who is intentionally breaking rules. A post-modern work of art.The negative reviews of this film are a testament to its goodness.There is definitely a skill to dissonance, and this movie strikes those dissonant chords expertly.The science fiction nonsense is not intended to be taken seriously, and there's lots of it. The bad acting is soooo bad, but done by good actors in such a way that you don't see bad actors, you see ridiculous characters. The ridiculous writing, within each scene and across the general story-arc, is consistently fun, weird, and so full of meaning that it becomes meaningless.Every scene is a wild tangent which breaks from all the previous narratives.There's so much double-crossing that there are clearly no sides, no real ideological or political affiliations among the characters.Basically, this is a great movie for movie-nerds where you can pick everything apart and talk about the intended meaning of each scene like a David Lynch movie. Although this movie is far less subtle and beautiful than a Lynch flick.I signed up to Rotten Tomatoes just to write this review.

Sim Y (kr) wrote: This I recommend to everyone who is in for a good laughing session. Totally hillarious! And it has a nice ending. Best movie I've seen. I'd add 5 more stars if I can.

Ben C (us) wrote: Really funny movie for a romance.

Amanda S (kr) wrote: Love this movie! True story or not. Believable or not. Easy to watch again and again. Great cast ensemble.

Jairo A (es) wrote: Good movie...I thought it would suck at first but no, I was pleasantly surprised. Dustin Hoffman does a great job in this one. If it had been funnier, my rating would have been 8/10...but it's still a solid 7/10

Ryan T (kr) wrote: its a @#$%ing classic!!!!!

Ed M (br) wrote: Very interesting tale about oil wildcaters in the early 2oth century. Great flick.

Evan M (kr) wrote: A visual spectacle but providing little more than impressive effects, 2012 is a cliche stockpile with absurd events and predictable turnouts with its immensely long run time.

Dominick F (gb) wrote: The Longest Ride: Chic Flic. Good luck finding a man to watch